Making The Most of Saturn In Capricorn!

Apr 8, 2018 | Creativity


It takes almost 30 years for the planet Saturn to move through the entire zodiac.  With each shift, every two and a half years, there’s a big theme of shift in life overall.

Saturn is the planet of tasks getting done, lessons being learned, things being very structured (among other things) … and when it enters into Capricorn, it’s a big change-maker.

That change is now!

At any and all times, more order and flow will allow your life to expand.  More systems and structure can help you multiply your effectiveness.  More plans will help you think less and live more.

As Saturn is cruising through Capricorn, there’s so much to do to re-vamp your life anywhere it’s been stuck.

If you find old ways don’t work any more, enbrace the new ways.

If you’re called to new passions, strive for mastery.

If you’re ready for a fresh start… clean up like never before.

Enjoy this time of generating incredible power.



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