Are You Sending Out Mixed Signals About What You Want?

Apr 9, 2018 | Creativity

In homes and in lives and in my own days more and more I’m starting to see that “mysterious blocks” that won’t go away no matter what is done (space clearing, spiritual immersion, incredible amounts of work, cutting edge healing) can actually be self-created in a non-mysterious way.

A fascinating dynamic that is super common is this:

I want something.  

I also- simultaneously-  don’t want the things that this something may bring. 

Mixed Signals.  Crossed Wires.  Creating + Un-Creating at the same time. 

Are you doing this? Could this be the mysterious block that’s been in the way? 
For example:

You truly want a relationship but you don’t want to give all the free time you have to this relationship because you’re so busy and you know that self-care is vital.

So, it’s this cross-purpose.  It’s “I really want this” and “I really don’t want /can’t do all of this” mixed together.

I was this person.  I found that I’d bring into my life relationships that had one big thing in common: a guy with a lack of deep emotional availability.  And, it wasn’t because I was energetically blocked as I once presumed.  All the energy work I could find didn’t change it.

Something simple did:  I realized I didn’t have the time to give a whole lot to someone else at the moment.

I was creating and cancelling the creation at the same time.

We can do it with jobs, life decisions, love, creativity, even spirituality.

If there’s something that’s not happening right now, no matter how much you’re doubling down on manifestation, see if there’s something that comes along with what you want that is less favorable.  See if there’s a sacrifice or a unfavorable trade involved that’s holding it up.

When you address that crossed-wire situation, it can really start things moving fast!

In your home, if you have office spaces that quickly get piled in clutter despite deep cleaning like crazy every day, that’s an interesting metaphor of cross-purposes.  Or, redoing your bedroom for more romance and bringing your work to bed every night and morning.

This is common.

This is life showing us where we may be at odds with what we want.

The great news is that we don’t need to be at odds.

Create an ideal that’s way more powerfully your own, where the whole situation is without that resistance.

If you want a job but hate a daily commute, get/create a job at home or in your neighborhood that’s ideal for you.  

If you’re looking to make or sell art and you want to avoid the traditional “art world”, set up your own shop, create your own way, do it without cross-purposes.

If you want to travel but hate leaving your family for long stretches, get clear on your trips and the ideal length and what they can look like to be more ideal— or find more family travel in the midst of it all. 

If you want anything but don’t want what comes along with it traditionally, reimagine it in a more ideal way!

You can design your life in your own ways, and when you do take those liberties to design your dream life, a cliche as it might sound, you’ll likely manifest far more quickly because you’re shaping ideal scenes with ONLY what you want and none of the rest.

Take away the resistance, the uncross the wires, and set the future free that you truly want!



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