The Manifesting Magic Of Staying In The Moment!

Apr 10, 2018 | Feng Shui 101

When we get into trying to control things we aren’t present.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about a way to live that is so much lighter and so much more impactful in terms of actually “manifesting” amazing things.   I used to think this was “extreme presence”— my intensity, my detail-exacting obsession, my constant pouring over every single aspect of a situation to make it go exactly as I wanted it to go seemed just about as “present” as I could ever be.

But: the whole entire time, I was freaking out, with my mind calculating the next steps and how they “had to” be.  I was deep in the projection of what exactly I needed to have happen.  When I wasn’t working off this guesstimate of the ideal future, I was thinking back to past times and trying to replicate the things that worked, as though I knew what they exactly were!

I was intense.  I was deeply focused.  But: my energy was so off that I had to work extra-hard to do the simplest things because I was so tense, stressed, wound up and consumed.

This, I have come to see, is pretty normal behavior imprinted on us as a “success strategy.”

It translates very often into a freakish glazed over frenetic pace and all kinds of energy that is anything but certain of success.

“Have to win… Have to crush it… Have to make it happen… Have to grind… Have to…”

All failed me so big time I can’t even tell you.

This was what I needed:

Karma didn’t fail me.

I was reminded that I was living the effects of the causes I was making and I was hurting myself for the sake of elusive “success.”

Exhausted, spent, unenthusiastic and really over everything, I turned to the most core of concepts to figure out what I was missing.

Presence.  Fulfillment.  Joy.  A life I loved all the time, one with pleasure that didn’t only happen when there was an achievement.

The idea of getting my life into an overall higher condition was welcome.  It was actually life-saving because I was spent, my body gave out and landed me in a hospital bed and I had no thoughts other than how to heal and be happy.

Who knew that elevating my thoughts, words and actions to a creative place where I wasn’t insanely calculating some outcome that I needed would be the thing that woke me up?!

Present.  Glowing. Light back in my eyes.  Deeply curious.  Art-making. All of it.

If you’re trying to control, do a deep relaxation every day.  Meditate. Visualize.  Slow down.  Lower the caffeine. 

If you’re trying to hold tight to things you no longer need, practice letting even small bits of it go. 

Out of this higher place of “showing up for life”, so much more arrives so much easier.

My personal litmus test now is very basic: if I am stressed and freaked out, my only job is to get calm. Jump into solving things from a heightened place of control or panic and you’ll only find more to freak out and panic about.

Break the cycle of “fight of flight” and all the stress hormones.

Break the cycle of incessant worry and need for things to be just one way.

Break the cycle of doing the same things and expecting different results.

The idea of “Fifth Dimension” manifesting is more organic.  It’s creative— and all about creating, moment-by-moment.

This is how I work at my best, in the so-called Fifth Dimension.

There’s incredible power in love.

It’s perfectly imperfect, it’s life-giving and it’s the force that makes everyday miracles happen. It makes us deeply PRESENT.   In the present moment, everything is epic and unlimited and exciting.

It’s also deeply practical.

You don’t need a magical twin-soul cosmic reunion or a knight in shining armor (as awesome as they can be!) to be madly in love right this moment.

Celebrate everything amazing that is you. Stop holding yourself back.  Forget about how perfect things have to be, because it’s just self-sabotage.  Rest more.  Find beauty in each day, all day.

Start living with this love as your guide.

Then, watch the manifesting magic unfold.



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