Tiny High Vibe Home Upgrades To Make Your Space More Of A Sanctuary!

Apr 13, 2018 | Creativity, Home Style

(love this shelf from etsy)

Everything that raises the vibes in your home is excellent Feng Shui.

Everything that makes you feel more at home is excellent Feng Shui.

And if you aren’t ready for a total remodel, it takes just a few small adjustments to feel more of the high vibes that can be like a home makeover in themselves!

Today I’m sharing seven of my most favorite ultra-high-vibe home goodies of the moment.  None are particularly expensive, all are customizable— and this may actually spark tons of ideas of your own.

High vibes make you happier, lighter, more focused, more magnetic and overall more radiant.

On that note, let’s get to it! 


Plush towels.

Always a winner, plush towels (even one great big bath sheet) can make your bathroom more luscious. These spa-textures win big in the self-care arena!

When you invest in a few great ones, they take on a display-worthy quality. Pendelton makes my favorite towel designs of the moment, and I’ve had these on display in my house forever.  Everplush makes the softest of towels I’ve found— and they get softer with every wash! I was sent a set (thank you!!!) and they are the first towels I look forward to washing as they keep getting fluffier!

(modern mud)

Beautiful planters. 

Plants alone are sanctuary-making. Beautiful planters take this all to the very next level. I am obsessed with Modern Mud ceramics and these dazzling planters are just so delightful. Upgrade a favorite plant into a gem of a planter and it is elevated to even higher art!

Crystal-Infused Coasters. 

Crystals are spectacular. Agate sliced coasters and trays are a cheaper alternative to tons of crystals, with incredible wow-factor.

That said: Orgone coasters are the highest and mightiest of vibes. What you place on top of orgone— the magical material made of metal, resin and crystal that infuses space with extremely high resonance— will get charged up.   Charging up your water, your coffee, your smoothie… even your vitamins and food— can be an ultra-luxe high-vibe addition to your home.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs.  

There’s nothing quite as inimitable for me as having some inspired words blazing on my morning tea cup.  (P.S.: I also use some as succulent planters!)

And, as shown right HERE, you can make your own mugs with Sharpies!

BTW: Teapots & French Presses are also big winners to make your morning routine more special!

A Charming Doormat.

Seeing joy under-foot as you walk into your house is a boost of welcome that’s undeniable.

THIS one is made from coconuts!!!  And the designs that Cocomats have are super-impressive. I don’t own one of these, but I have it on my list.

Hot tip: make sure to clean your doormat. I shake them out and vacuum at least once a week. You can also spray them with essential oil antibacterial sprays depending on what they’re made of!

Intention-Filled Candles.

Positive messages strewn everywhere bring in all the light and radiance. I am such a huge fan of strong-intention, and intention candles (these are from Jax Kelly, and filled with crystals) can be a way to reinforce your wishes in your home and add fire to them, all at once!

Whatever helps you feel more at home, more in the glow, more in the flow— this is your high-vibe home goodie to start with. From there, keep layering them on!!!

More high home vibes infuse your whole life with greatness!



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