How To Set Up The Highest Vibe Week Ahead!

Apr 15, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity


As much as I’d love to call this a “weekend routine” I have found myself doing it just about any day of the week that I’m ready for a serious energy boost.

Mind, Body, Spirit + Home on a fresh track.

It’s basic, it’s something I do regularly (even if it’s not on the weekend!) and it’s key to keeping my days on track.

It’s simple, organizing and refreshing.

And, as will all things, this is meant to be customized. If you don’t love what you’re doing to improve your life, you’ll likely NOT do it, plus, it’s not going to work because— its not your high vibes!!!

Pick what you love— and set up incredible days ahead!!!

Space Clearing.

To start, I usually do a version of my Home Energy Makeover.

I open some windows, light some sage and smudge the house and get myself centered in an intention.

Then, the cleaning begins.  Sometimes it’s a few loads of laundry while vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and energizing aterward.  (I get into the specifics far more in my camps, as I use all kinds of energy-clearing fun in my cleaning, but basic housecleaning is excellent!)

Mind energizing. 

To do this fresh start in a meaningful way, I clear my mind and fill it with the kind of information I need to fuel what’s ahead in the week.  So, my mind is buzzing while I’m cleaning, podcasts and videos playing.

First I pick out a podcast or youtube video to listen to as a podcast as I start cleaning.

While I’m at it, I usually pull a book off the shelf to read later while I take a 30 minute detox bath.

Right now: I’ve been listening to lots of astrology (Barbara Goldsmith + Kelly Rosano) on YouTube that make me think of themes and new ways to approach the week ahead. My latest book is one from the series of Dr. David Hawkins.

Bonus: Dump your purse or wallet while you do this and you’ll have an ultra-organized sense of things as you won’t be hauling around recipts or junk.

Spirit Reset.

For me is a deep relection during my Buddhist practice.  I also clean my altar and fresh the fruit that sits on it.  You may have a practice, a meditation, a ritual, even journalling that really centers your life in a sense of higher vibes.  Indulge and go deep!

Body Reset.

Usually, I will gather up all the veggies in the huse that are leftver and make a big salad or soup during the day.  Then, with a clear kitchen, I head to the grocery store/farmer’s market after checking in with myself about how I feel and what I need to eat more of this week.

Lists make it far more effective to get what’s needed in an organized fashion.  Without a list, I either fall into a rut or get all kinds of great things that don’t work together or risk getting spoiled as I like to naturally over-shop!

I always decide on a tonic, snacks or smoothies that can support what I need during the week.  Intuitive eating (i.e.: really listening to what I’m craving, how I’m feeling and doing a little research if need be on what may be helpful) is such a great way for me to keep my energy high.

The biggest body reset is a big salt bath (I get some extra sea salt at the grocery!), shutting my computer and phone, 2 hours before bed, and reading a book before bed… going to bed SUPER EARLY.

Waking up well-rested, in clear space, with a sense that I’m even more supported in my house is key to starting or re-starting the week any time it’s needed.

Find your best ways to flood your home and life with high vibes. Practice them. This practice makes all the difference.



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