Feng Shui To Pay Attention To What You Want And Watch It Grow!

Apr 17, 2018 | Creativity


This is sort of the bottom line of all creation, manifestation, all the stuff we do every day—

What we focus on will grow.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to and your life will change for the very best.

It’s not just a “mental” focus. It’s a full-self focus. Body awake to the day. Energy humming. Emotions on a high. And, of course, thoughts, words and actions in a line that expands great fortune!

This can be utterly overwhelming, especially if you have a “racing mind” at the moment, or things have not been going as planned at all lately, so today’s Feng Shui is full of ways to keep your attention easily leaning into what you want…! <
Crystal grids are, in essence, focused intention made manifest. It’s al about gathering up your favorite stones and creating a big intention-filled, direction-focused artwork from them. Every piece works together in a big synergy to support the whole structure.

It’s an incredibly beautiful thing to see a very visual demonstration of how energy can be organized toward the aim of experiencing more of what you want.

You don’t need crystals, though, to intentionally design your days and focus your energy just as crisply.

You may need more space from the usual daily habits that are less-than-productive.

Usual habits will keep your mind tuned to the usual things, and that won’t bring change or growth. Focus on how your habits make you feel and where they send your thoughts.

It was what got me very clear about my social media habits that pulled my focus into a thousand scattered directions as I scrolled through Instagram.

I have friends who love the intrigue of scandals in the news, though those habits of reading and watching and thinking about these breaking news bits pull them off their track in the day.

Stay aware of what can pull your focus and leave you feeling less than shining. You may do these things more often than you realize.

You may need more clarity.

When you don’t have a deep sense of what it is you want, you’re not as likely to sweep the path clear to receive it.

Now, you don’t need to know every detail of the future and what the ideal looks like, but a clear sense of what you’re aiming for, and all the awesome things and feelings that come along with it. is what will help you move mountains and stay attentive to what you’re focused on.

“I kinda want something like that…” isn’t gonna do it.

Even just reading that, you likely feel uninspired.

If your aims don’t inspired you, how can they move things forward?!

You may need more love. Truly.  

I can’t say enough about the power of emotional frequency. When you are soaring, the world soars around you.

But… what if you have so much going wrong that you don’t feel much love?

That means something simple: you’re not focusing on what you have that is amazing. Like this very moment that’s loaded with infinite potential and everything in it. And, from there you can find at least 100 more things that are around that are really cool that you may not have seen.

As cliché as it may seem, a focus on what you have that is great will bring you more. That grace and gratitude is magnetic.

You may need more intentional organizing. Or letting things go.  

If your life is not in flow and things are stagnant, you may need to reorganize so you can brainstorm bigger and better solutions. If old ways aren’t working, it’s time to let them go and make way for the new.

There’s no sense in staying upset, stuck or feeling anything less than great because of things that have changed. Instead… find new ways.

In inspiration, creativity and organized action you can find all the new doors you are looking for.

All of this change can feel overwhelming because all change implies… change!

But, if your present situation has you paying attention to what you don’t want, the act of reorganizing — even your computer desktop, your files, your desk— can be the start of a whole new way.

In fact, the whole cosmos is under a big reorganization right now if you’re reading this in 2020.

Transformation time is here!

Your space is a mirror of your life.

Keep that space loaded with things you love to see and it becomes much easier to naturally pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.

Whatever indicates as something you do need, allow it into your life.

Allow it as an act of vibrant self love.

Allow yourself to let things go, make bolder new choices, feel more fantastic, reach higher and love every day even more.

The more you allow what you need, the more easily you’ll focus on what you want without having to fret about it.  That ease keeps the vibes high and keeps what you want rolling into your life!

xoxo!!! Dana

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