Love Can Heal And Empower You In The Most Amazing Ways!

Apr 30, 2018 | Sensory Goodness


Everything is energy.  Energy at it’s best is love.

I’d say that love is the #2 most popular wish among my clients.  Money and career are the #1 reasons people come to me, and the next most popular request is manifesting more romance/ love/ soul mates.

While love isn’t completely tossed on the back-burner in modern culture, I am constantly impessed by how love falls short to money.

I know we need money to survive.  But, we also need love to thrive.

More and more I wish that love was the prized achievement— living in love, having amazing relationships of all kinds and truly loving every day.

Love isn’t just soul mates and life partners.  Love is a state of being.  It’s a quality of energy.  The more of it you have that’s self-generated the more love you’ll have reflected back to you in the ways you’ve wanted to see it reflected.

In many ways, love is a return to nature- our true nature.  It’s healing, it’s the core of our life purpose and it’s the masterpieces of art made manifest.  It’s having great days, helping others profoundly, feeling driven by passion.

It’s your creativity and your manifesting magic.

Love is that important.

And the power of that love to fuel your body is just surreal.  

I can not wait to grow the eggplant (and basil / garlic / tomatoes / zucchini) that my grandma used to grow.  It’s pure love to me to do this planting.  My balcony will be full up by the end of the week, and every day I remember her out in her housecoat and slippers with the garden hose, spraying, weeding and talking to the plants very day.

It’s such love.  And love is everything inspiring.

“The key is to “feel connected to other people, feel respected and valued by other people, and feel a sense of belonging…” – Harry Reis, PhD, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Human Relationships

I’m diving right in and sharing Anita Mookani’s TEDX talk one more time because there’s no better story told in my lifetime that demonstrates the healing power of love. I defy you to watch this and not 100% understand why I am emphatic about love as my personal goal for all things!!!

If you’re mind isn’t already blown to bits, let’s look at some more very cool science to support this truism that love is always the answer!

Love is a key to longevity.

Loving relationships and a feeling of belonging have been correlated with better health and life span longevity. In one longitudinal study that spanned over 17 years, researchers tracked and recorded information on the relationships and social connections of 7,000 people in California. As Dr. Ben Kim writes, they found that, “… those who lacked meaningful social connections had a 200 to 300 percent greater chance of dying prematurely than those who felt more socially connected.”

Healing can speed up dramatically with love in your life! 

A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry discovered a clear correlation between the time it takes for a physical wound to heal and love. Researchers at Ohio State University College of Medicine safely inflicted wounds on all the subjects, which were married couples, using a punch biopsy device. In the first experiment (conflict-free) one partner was asked to bring up something they would like to change about themselves and the other partner was instructed to give words of encouragement. In the next scenario, months later, subjects were asked to bring up a frustrating topic to evoke an argument. Blood tests and questionnaires were used to measure stress brought on by the conversation.

The results were reported: 

” Most of the couples’ wounds had healed within five days of the first session. But the 30-minute arguments in the second session caused a day’s delay in healing.”

They also found that, in general, ” …that couples who had higher levels of hostility towards each other took an average of six days to heal after the first session, and seven days after the second. “Wounds on the hostile couples healed at only 60% of the rate of couples considered to have low hostility.”

Love means less stress and all the drain that comes with stress. 

I know, I know, if you’ve had some life-sucking drama-filled relationships you may think of love as the problem, not the solution!

But, raising your life to a level of pure love, and being open to healthy love (it is real! it does exist!!! it’s also not just romance, its friends, family and all of humanity!) is life-changing!!!

At State University of New York Stony Brook, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) researchers were able to compare and contrast the brains of new couples full of passion versus strongly connected long-term couples. They found, in both groups, activity in the area of the brain associated with “intense love”. But there was a difference in groups in other areas of the brain. In the long-term relationship group, “you also have activation in the areas associated with bonding … and less activation in the area that produces anxiety.”

Also, this is quite profound:

A University of Michigan study found that close relationships that show strong support increase progesterone in woman. They measured the saliva of woman having highly connected conversations and found an increase in progesterone. Higher levels of progesterone show satisfaction from positive relationships with others, helping to boost well-being and reduce anxiety and stress.

Love even boosts the immune system! 

A study at Carnegie Mellon, conducted by Professor of Psychology Sheldon Cohen, found that people who are happy or exhibit positive emotions have a lesser chance of getting sick when they are exposed to a cold virus.

“The people who report positive emotions are less likely to catch colds and also less likely to report symptoms when they do get sick. This held true regardless of their levels of optimism, extraversion, purpose and self-esteem, and of their age, race, gender, education, body mass or pre-study immunity to the virus.”

And these are just a few of the life-changing studies.  Hundreds of volumes have been written about the power of love.  It’s our greatest teacher, our compass and our brightest light.

Live with more love every day and you’ll see this wild force in action in ways that defy words.



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