Cutting The Cords To Toxic Relationships Will Transform Your Life!

May 2, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

cutting the cords

Cutting the cords to toxic relationships will transform your life.

After all, love is the energy that cracks the world wide open. We want that love to flourish in our lives.

It’s the force that’s inspired artists to create masterpieces, it’s the energy behind peace movements that have and are still elevating the world, it’s the subject of nearly every song on the radio and epic songs in our history, it’s the key plot line of every move that has a hero and it’s the stuff that we all dream about.

But, for many it’s become mixed in with a lot of things— not being good enough, drama, trauma, draining distractions, anxiety.

People tell me every day they don’t have time for love.  They don’t have time for self-care.  It’s a low priority because it’s non-essential.  There’s too much stress already, there’s not enough minutes in the day, they can’t be bothered.

But blocks to love— and toxic ties— are what put us in “survival mode” and shut off the manifesting magic of life. It isn’t a luxury item to want love or to love yourself more in actions… it is the key to everything.

Once you’ve had a toxic tie, though, it can feel like you’re broken or stuck in the past.  Even without the person in your life, you can still feel the loss and the drain.   You can clear away that old story– cutting the cords–  and open your life to love again in the most exciting ways…!

Your heart is the key to your creative and flourishing life on every level, and if life is a grind and the doors aren’t opening, love is likely your antidote.

Your blocks to love- or draining relationships- can hang a cloud over every moment of your life.

I used to not believe this, until a relationship that was a tornado left me gasping for air for months between tears, watching so many great things in my life wither slowly until I completely broke free.

If you think love just isn’t worth it or it’s too toxic or can cost you too much, I know how you feel.

Even when it wasn’t particularly dramatic, the love piece of this relationship had long withered and I was just attached to the idea of what once was.  I found no joy in my days.   I turned down jobs.  I got so exhausted I was sick.  I lost money in ways I couldn’t explain.

I blamed love.  And blamed myself for being bad at love.  I blamed myself for letting someone tell me every day that I was insecure, not good enough, and a ton of words I can’t even type, all in the fever pitch of rage.

Nothing in my life moved well.  Everything was stuck.  I thought leaving this very deeply disturbed guy was enough, making a break from this poison place, but it wasn’t.  It helped… but the awakened anger and anxiety and pain still lingered.

I decided love was optional.  It was for when everything else in my life was “perfect.”

When I shut the doors to love, I shut the doors to my magic.  I went into “survival mode” and stayed there. I couldn’t understand what happened to my life and how I lost so much… and how I could let this happen.

Then, I got help.  Deep help.  The kind of trauma clearing and energy healing I did with passion  went far beyond this guy and deep into all the blocks I was carrying around was the whole reason for this catastrophic hell I put myself in— and it showered my life with abundance.

There’s an energetic theory of “cords” that can be created between people.  The cords are sometimes healthy and sometimes (often!) not.

The cords don’t “break” because you break-up.  They break because you deliberately decide to cut them and gather back your energy.

What I learned in all my energy work was that cutting cords myself required lots of tries.  It wasn’t “one-and-done” but more like a daily practice until I felt clear.

If you’re attached to a toxic person, some of the signs can look like this:

  • exhaustion for no good reason
  • mental preoccupation or conversations or nightmares about them
  • money draining out of your life
  • a feeling that you can only move so far in life
  • lower self-esteem than you’ve ever experienced
  • and even an inability to move on to find new friendships or relationships because this is like an anchor holding you in the toxic past.

There are many simple “DIY” methods to cord cutting.

Here’s how to start :

1. Breathe and feel calm.

2. Scan your body with your imagination and see if you can see or feel cords attached to you. You may “feel” them, you may imagine you see them. They can look a multitude of different ways, and there’s no one “specific” thing to look for.

You may not know who the cord is attached to… but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you decide to take responsibility for freeing yourself from this parasitic dynamic.

3. Cut the cord.
Select the instrument you’d like to use to cut your cord in your imagination— scissors, knife, wand, a hand…?

Now visualize the cord being cut…See the actual cord severed by your tool of choice and watch your end get absorbed back into your energy field, energizing and nourishing you. Let the other end return to its origin.

The cord is now cut.

4. Re-check. The cord can be re-attached if a person around you is particularly needy. You may need to do the cord cutting over and over again with a specific person if the feelings are still lingering!

  • You know when the cords are cut when:
  • You feel tremendously lighter.
  • You are ready to move on to meet new people.
  • You feel your energy has returned.
  • Your abundance and manifesting magic is restored.
  • You feel unlimited again.
  • You aren’t bothered by the past and this person is no longer on your mind.

I managed to free up so much energy by doing this… and then reinforcing the newly free life I created in my home and habits. More space clearing.

  • More intentional powerhouse Feng Shui.
  • More time for love.
  • More high vibe habits.
  • More self-care.

It led me to real love- and real value of myself-  that’s unbreakable and endures.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I had some other cords, more long-standing, lingering in my life.  I had let people have my energy for so long because I thought they “needed it to survive” that I felt I hit a wall.

For this, I called in an energy pro that I trust.

We did a whole energy process together to gather back my energy and release the toxins I had held onto thanks to this cord.  I cried unexpectedly, I felt like my vision got laser clear, I marveled at it all.

That night, I went out and the resounding feedback from friends I hadn’t seen was that I looks so different and so lit up— and I hadn’t told them a thing about this!

When you experience this, you’ll know exactly what I mean that words can’t describe.  It’s absolutely beyond-belief incredible.

And, it frees up your life. Insanely.  For romance, for harmony, for abundance and for wellness to flourish…!

So, toxic love is, in itself a lesson or a roadmap as long as you free yourself.  You don’t have to fear repeating it if you dive in and clear the clutter that it stirred to the surface.

You can knock out the karmic loop and find your way to a higher place.

Cutting the cords to toxic relationships will set your future free!



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