Plant Consciousness Is A Mindblowing Reason To Live In Tune With Nature To Transform Your Life!

May 4, 2018 | Creativity


Plants are conscious beings and by truly tapping into their power we can deeply supercharge our spaces, our lives and their lives, too!

We are going to deeply explore the power of plants this season for very good reason: just look at those statistics above!!!

Inspired by the beans and flowers and microgreens sprouting wildly in my home right now— soon to be joined by tomatoes, zucchini and five kinds of basil and mint and smudge-stick herbs— the undeniable supercharger of plant energy is beaming through every cell in my body.  Not to mention the  25+ more houseplants I have and more trees coming thus weekend!

As I grow things, I grow.

As you grow plants, and connect with their wisdom, you’ll feel that same thrilling vibrancy that is creative manifesting magic on the highest of highs!!!

Today, we’re exploring the actual feelings and wisdom of Nature, the actual consciousness of plants. When you see how similar they are to humans, and perhaps even more wise (!),  everything becomes more magical in their presence!

Ready to get a download of wow-factor plant wisdom?!

Plants can learn.

Animal biologist Monica Gagliano decided to test the theory that plants can actually remember and instinctually learn from past experiences. She used mimosa plants that have leaves that collapse when distressed, and devised a contraption that would drop the plants without harming them. She dropped the plants every 5 to 6 seconds and each time the leaves collapsed. But, after 5 or 6 of these drops, the plants stopped responding, signaling to researchers that it now knew it was safe when dropped in this manner, and began to view the stimulus (dropping) as an irrelevant signal. She explains, “This is a very important part of learning — to learn what you can safely ignore in your environment.”

To test the theory further and ensure that the plants weren’t “just tired and worn out”, researchers took the same plants from the first study (the plants that stopped responding to being dropped) and instead of dropping them, shook them. In line with their theory, the plants leaves collapsed each time upon being shook, exemplifying that they had made a distinction between what was and wasn’t safe to ignore; dropping was equated as something that posed no harm.

The most profound part of this study is that these plants were tested each week for a month and continued to remember the lesson.

Plants can protect themselves.

When in danger, plants produce and emit volatile substances that warn and deter insects from causing them danger. Heidi Appel and Rex Cocroft of the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia played a recording of the sound of caterpillars chewing on leaves in the presence of plants. BBC reported that the recordings, “… caused plants to flood their leaves with chemical defenses designed to ward off attackers.”

Plants can communicate with each other.

Plants have an internal interconnected system to warn each other against herbivore predators based on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each plant in this network receives a warning signal, (chemical signal) that something dangerous is occurring and that impending danger may lay ahead.  In addition, when a plant is damaged, it sends airborne signals to plants in the area so they can prepare and strengthen their defenses by producing more VOCs.  (You can read more about this HERE) 

Richard Karban of the Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis explains in Science Daily, “Plants not only respond to reliable cues in their environments but also produce cues that communicate with other plants and with other organisms, such as pollinators, seed disperses, herbivores and enemies of those herbivores.”

Plants can feel.

A study conducted in Russia set out to seek if plants could feel. They used two cabbages – one was hooked up to a machine that converted its energetic expression to tones that were audible or detectible by the human ear. The cabbage that was not hooked up to the machine was then destroyed by the scientist. During this process, the cabbage hooked up to the machine could be heard screaming and crying in a high pitch tone.

In a similar experiment, a cabbage hooked up to a machine that turned its energy into audible tones, was diced into small pieces on a plate. The same results occurred – there was a high-pitched screaming and crying coming from the cabbage.

If you’re now concerned about chopping vegetables, here’s a lesson gleaned from a visitor t the ultimate space of plant consciousness, Findhorn in Scotland:

Ask your plants who is ready to be picked (if you are gardening) or eaten if you’re picking our your food. They will send you a message! Select your produce intuitively and say thanks for it before you start cooking or eating. You’ll be co-creating with your plants, and this elevates everything to a higher level…!!!

Plants can also make their own painkillers.

Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado discovered that plants, in their natural setting, can produce methyl salicylate – which is a form of aspirin. In a walnut grove in Davis, California, they used instruments to monitor emissions of volatile organic compounds.   Their measurement devices recorded methyl salicylate in the atmosphere and they discovered that these emissions increased when plants were, as reported in Science Daily, “…already stressed by a local drought, experienced unseasonably cool nighttime temperatures followed by large temperature increases during the day.”

They conjecture that the functionality of methyl salicylate is two-fold. It is an immune response that helps plants resist and recover from disease and it serves as a chemical communication to warn their neighbors of a threat.

All this is to say—


Plants are tuned into the same types of awareness that we are. They are intelligent, wise, self-protective, communicative and healing. They seek to grow… and they love high vibes!!!

Just like us!

Spend more time surrounded by plants and trees. Immerse yourself in more of the highest vibe energies. Create more space in your life for Nature.   And: communicate with plant wisdom!

You aren’t just adding exotic decor or boho feelings to your home— you are transforming your space and your energy and your thriving life as you care for all your plants!!!



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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