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May 9, 2018 | Prosperity

True story: I’ve made the same mistakes in choosing relationships, in work, in crafts, in DIYs, in burning sage (hello fire alarms!) and even in doing yoga to get injured over and over again before the lesson sunk in…

Often the lesson didn’t sink in. I just ignored it and kept on making the same mistakes.

The more the same mistakes happened, the less I trusted myself.

“I’m just really horrible/terrible/suck at….”

That’s where the opportunity to break through to greater skills, heights and amazingness officially ends.

If you’re looking to get to whatever next level you’re looking for— work, personal growth, love, art-making, wellness, anything— there is enormous benefit in freeing up energy to soar!

A while back, I said to a friend:  “Being in a stuck place is not a good look for me.”

I was in a moment where I was overloaded with commitments and underwhelmed with my excitement level.

He reply: “Not for anybody. Who wants to just get by?”


We usually get lots of signs when the path we’re on is coming to a crossroads. 

It becomes harder. It becomes less rewarding.  It feels like a hamster wheel.  The same arguments and freak outs happen as much as you vow to never repeat them.  It’s all effort where it used to be ease.

It once seemed that the big picture was alluring and raining magic on life.  It was once—  “Oh I can’t wait for the day we have our wedding!”…. “I can’t wait for this big business deal!” — and now the idea of making through another month feels like an accomplishment.

At home, things hit a gradual decline.  Maintenance slips.  Dust builds. Mirrors are smudged.  Windows are clouded.  It may stop feeling like home and start feeling like it’s too small/ stuffed/ messy.

So, we can ignore the signs and choose to just keep on going… 

Because it’s just a slump, it was just a little thing, it’s just the way it is…

Or worse, we can decide that if the path we’re on isn’t working the way it is, we’ll just force it to work. 

Doubling down on the same-same-same.

Doing more, working even harder.

Forgetting that quote about how insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results, and getting ultra-upset when the outcomes are even worse.

Working harder at what’s not working is like compounding the problem.

But… what if we saw the signs and decided to innovate and grow? 

As my wise friend said, “You either have to make a big move… or do something new. Period.”

A big move could be a powerful healing/therapy to get beneath the stuck cycles at the roots. 

A big move could be creating a vision for your work that is so much more exciting and putting it into action TODAY. It’s not a vision board, it’s a plan that starts now. 

A big move could be literally moving — a big move— to a place that is more suited for you in every way. 

There are lots of big moves to take.  And, you’ll know what they are.

Get clear.  Get calm. Get centered.

Now, go!

We don’t hit downward spirals because of mistakes as much as how we handle the mistakes.  Blame yourself and stay in anger or decide you suck at something and things will stay exactly the same no matter what you try.

Also, things don’t decline on their own just because “time passes” — they decline because they’re ignored, they’ve become tedious, they’re not loved any more, actively.

Whether your otherwise great relationship is fading before your eyes or your work is at a dead end or you’re creatively blocked… it’s all fundamentally a lack of active love.

Creativity is love. Adventure is love. Actively seeking to grow is love.

The breakthroughs you’re waiting for are all waiting for you to stop wondering, freaking out and checking out.

Get present, get curious, get creative and start paving a whole new awesomely rewarding path.

Make. A. Big. Move.



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