Every Single Day Is Your Big Breakthrough Day!

May 16, 2018 | Prosperity

your big breakthrough

Your big breakthrough day can be today!

If you are ready for a breakthrough, the breakthrough is ready for you.

If it feels like there may be reasons why today is not the day, or the day is far out in the future, it’s time to find the magic in right now.


The Feng Shui Breakthrough Camp is coming soon.

And, of all things to happen as it draws near, I walked into my bedroom yesterday and said…

“What is going on here?!”

I moved into this house in a flash (15 days from signing papers to moving a full house) last year and my bedroom seemed fine enough… but it was not fine. In fact, me, of all people, chose to create a lot of reasons why:

When I have the time, I’ll get a new bed. I’ll paint once it’s less humid. I will… do… this… when…

Yesterday, when the thought occurred to me very clearly that I was settling for a space that was so off in a way that I couldn’t deny, within 15 minutes the room was 100% new.

I can’t even believe I waited so long!!!

Total breakthrough. The room is twice as big now, totally activated, beaming with energy and completely filled with intention.

My sleep was the deepest sleep in a year, perhaps in many years! The whole house feels elevated. My clarity is soaring.

It all started with a simple thing that took 15 minutes to accomplish.

Breakthroughs are not cosmically ordained.

In fact, most of the time they are something quite simple:

A decision.

I’m not ignoring this any more. I’m doing this right now. I’m sending the email. I’m making the call.  

I’m deciding how this will go. 

And that’s the crux of it all.

Multiple choice question for you:

1. Do you think that life is just happening to you and you’re meant to scramble around and pick up the pieces and try to find a break in all of it?


2. Do you believe that life is your creation and you’re the one who decides how things will go?

Many people, including me, say that they are fully committed to #2.

If you asked me yesterday in the morning if I felt I was the creator of my days, my life, my home, my circumstances and my luck I would say, “Of course!!! I live this way!!!”

Then, my own bedroom showed me where I have been telling a different story.

Very few people I know solidly walk through life firmly-fixed in the idea that they are 100% creators of their life every day. Many (most?) of us, even the most “get-it-done!” of us, still have areas of life where we are acting at the effect of things.

I sat down to contemplate this further with my journal. And here’s what I saw for myself.

If I was acting at complete cause over creating everything in my life, about 10 things off the top of my head would be very different. 

And so, one-by-one, each of those things is being addressed and I can tell you… it is thrilling!!!

There are both small things along with some radical changes I can make in just about every issue that popped up.

The awesome thing about becoming more of the creator of your days is that it doesn’t have to be 100% completed, you don’t have to be at the finish line, to get volumes of benefits.

The first steps, the big commitment, is where the momentum begins and the focus shifts.

Wherever you feel like there’s nothing you can do and you’re stuck waiting, there may be a better way to be at cause over this issue:

Your strong determination is cause rather than effect.

 Your actions are cause, even if they are small.  

Your visualization of the outcome is cause, as it starts the ball rolling.  

Your cleverness and creativity is cause because it’s shaping your life.

If you don’t know where to go or what to do, try sweeping away the heaviness that may be lingering in your home or your life.

Housecleaning. Clutter Clearing. Organizing.

And then, there’s a next-level of energy clearing that feels like magic but it’s also just as practical. Clearing stuck energy.

Infusing your home with love. Infusing your days with more power.

Your big breakthrough can start right now.

This season, there’s an eight-week online Feng Shui Camp coming soon to organize and energize your home and life to create breakthroughs: The Breakthrough Camp!

It’s Feng Shui to align your energy and your home so that you can manifest more of what you want on a higher level with greater ease!

If you’re ready for breakthroughs, they’re ready for you!

To kick things off, the FREE Feng Shui video series to set up your home to create breakthroughs is on the way!

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