Self-Care Is Your Greatest Success Secret!

May 18, 2018 | Prosperity

What fuels your energy fuels your life.

What your attention flows toward is what you’re growing.

Place a premium on self-care — yes, taking incredibly amazing care of yourself— and you’ll watch your life expand in ways greater than you may have ever imagined!!!

Love is the force that makes life exquisite and abundant.

Love IS manifestation. It’s making desires real. It’s deepening your connection to life. It’s lifting yourself higher so that you know you deserve an expanded universe. It’s knowing we are all connected and that he greatest good can happen for all of us. It’s the opposite of scarcity. It’s knowing you can create absolutely anything. Right now. 

Organization and clear space at home and big goals in the world are epic and vital… but love is the force that fuels what we magnetize.

Love wakes up all the superhuman gifts that we all have. It breaks down barriers. It creates solutions. And this frequency of love transforms a space into something enchanted.

The magic in your heart— all that deepest desire— needs fuel.

Big dreams on a back-burner, never-set plans to make time for a big adventure that never happen, relationships that have gone south sue to neglect, a want to feel better but so many habits that keep that betterment far away…it’s all signs that self love has gotten buried in the chaos of life.

Self-care is the start of a revolution for everyone who has felt the love in life sail further away from every day.

If you believe you’re unloveable or your ship has sailed— love yourself much more in actions.

If you think you have no choice but to put yourself last— dare to put yourself first.

If the idea of saying NO to what you don’t want is foreign— start saying it loud and clear.

If you’ve got no time for your dreams— get up earlier and put them first.

Basically- if you want something, you’ll make it happen.

Allow yourself to WANT things enough that the pure desire and true love pulls you toward them.

You’ll find the time, energy, money, courage and voice.

All you need to do is let more of that love in.



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  1. Claudia Larsson

    Love this Dana! thank you so much – I printed and posted on my fridge :))


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