Love Will Put You On Your Road To All Kinds Of Riches!

May 21, 2018 | Sensory Goodness


In so many ways we get messages every day showing us a direction to move in. How we interpret them, though, and whether or not we listen, is all very different based on where we’re at emotionally, mentally and in all ways.

Vibration determines how we interpret the day, how we see the signs and how things progress.

It’s all energy.

And LOVE changes everything.

Today is all about listening to life and staying on your best-feeling, most abundant and true path. 

I can say for myself that when I’m in a great place emotionally, mentally and physically, all of the obstacles, chaos, roadblocks all shine like diamonds saying, “Here is the door to the next level!”

Catch me a few years ago with no sleep and in stress, overwhelm and upset:  those same things push me off a cliff and confirm the worst case scenarios I’d played in my mind. “Oh, great, now this!”

We all have our moods for sure, but the best mood to spend the greatest time in is anything that aims toward love or is love.  Love has been proven to make us happier, healthier, wealthier, more in harmony, more powerful…and it feels great.

The biggest life-changing benefit I’ve seen of a shift into love for “no specific reason” and many times it’s even seemingly-irrational given the circumstances :

In love, in courage, in joy, in higher and lighter states is where I can listen to my life most correctly.

A long time ago someone told me never to take advice from anyone that was not on a vibrationally high level.   They were very astute in this, for sure: it cancelled a ton of well-meaning but off-base suggestions from my life.

What I didn’t realize was that this also applied to me!

I can’t listen to or interpret what life is telling me when I’m not in a place that’s elevated.

(joy junction)

An example:

I felt tired and overwhelmed at the end of the day and learned about a wild change I had to make in my business that involved all kinds of technical and detailed and time-consuming details.  I felt like it was some terrible sign that I was behind in some way because I was too tired, needed to clear my mind and couldn’t see it any other way.

I put it aside for a while and dove into more love.  Friends, family, fields of flowers, garden time, doubling my spiritual practice… all of it, epic. I started taking yoga breaks, longer walks and in a few days felt amazing.

I came back to it and looked at the to-do list in a place of personal high-vibing inspiration and suddenly it clicked: this whole list of things to do is an amazing opportunity to declutter and upgrade everything that I do every day!  In an evening, albeit a long one but not a stressful one at all, 70% of this immense list was conquered.  And I woke up the following day feeling ready to finish the rest.

Up until a few years ago I didn’t fully, viscerally and practically understand that how I felt was dictating how I was seeing the world.

Now I do.  And my energy on any given day determines how I see the same things

Glass half full or half empty. 

An obstacle or an opportunity. 

A chance to rise higher or a huge burden. 

On top of all that, it became epically clear that I was missing out on many avenues for massive growth and breakthroughs because I was not listening to my life clearly.  Upset, overwhelmed, overworked and living in all kinds of lower vibes, I was missing the patterns.

I wasn’t seeing what life was trying to tell me.

Repeating patterns are a sign that change is needed.  Usually, deep change.

Those patterns are a mirror of beliefs. My beliefs.  Your beliefs.  They show up in these cycles of action we repeat almost automatically. 

I was creating my own difficulties and limitations all the time.  I had no firm grasp of that because I was way too caught up in how things seemed while I was in this lower vibe, and I felt too powerless in this lower vibe and I didn’t believe that I had any choice in the matter.

We all have choices.

Choices expand when you’re in love.

Choose love in real ways, practical ways: smiling, self-care, great food, happy news to share, great friends… love, love, love.

Flood your home with love and you’ll be supported to stay in the highest vibes all day long.

Interpret and decide and choose from a place of love and you’ll gain all the most powerful insights.

The glass will be always almost full. 

Every obstacle will always be a major opportunity. 

Every fork in the road will become abundantly clear and easy to navigate. 

Love is where the mirror reflection of like that we see around us becomes the most accurate, magical and incredibly powerful.

Dive into that love. It’s awesomely and incredibly powerful!!

xoxo !!!


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