Upgrade Your Creative Tools To Light Up Your Life!

May 23, 2018 | Creativity


I don’t think any of us need expensive things in order to make awesome work and awesome lifestyle choices, but when it comes to the tools we use to move through our day and create, make and do, upgrades are always a good thing to consider!

Creativity is a flowing electricity. It’s a current that streams through us.  It makes us feel alive on an elevated level.  It’s charismatic.  It’s productive.  It’s… FUN.  And the more of it we have, the more of it we want, as it well should be!

Anything that creates more flow creates more creativity.  Including the tools we use all day to make things happen!

If you’re looking for a boost of magnetism and motivation, inspiration and ease, this can be a big one, even if you make some small choices! 


I’m a big fan of making life easier and not a big fan of accumulating stuff I don’t need.  So, when it comes to upgrading things, I try first to upgrade what I have and add on as needed. It makes the whole process so much easier to approach, rather than making a big shopping list every so often.

When I moved to my new house, I was gifted a power drill.  OMG what that did for my creative DIY life!  I had no idea what I was missing. And I had no idea how many Camper would be excited abut having one, too!

Tools are that way.  They expand what’s possible.

When I’m ready for some upgrades I start by looking at the big areas of life that I use actual “tools” for, whether its a pen or a machine!

Spiritual Practice * Technology * Arts and Crafts * Garden * Kitchen * Beauty * Travel * Work * Exercise* Cleaning at home *Etc…

And you may have a many more of your own.

Wherever I feel dull, I know I could use a bit of an upgrade!

I brainstorm what I can easily upgrade.

Kitchen:  can I get my knives sharpened? fix the food processor that needs a small part replaced? new water filter installed?

Small things can create a massive change.

When I make these lists, I don’t hold myself to having to do every single little new thing tomorrow… but in the brainstorming, I start to see all the resources I have that I don’t ever use!

Some ways this has translated into massive benefits from small upgrades:

It was when I learned about the simple little Beauty Blender sponge that I suddenly could do a more pro-finished makeup session on myself rather than getting my makeup done for every single HD video shoot.

When I happened upon a very inexpensive Microplane I could make my own enormous batches of turmeric ginger honey bombs (recipe coming soon) that I was buying for nearly $3.00 a pop and I’d never have enough on hand for when I needed the anti-inflammatory boost.  

In repairing my Vitamix blender, a whole world of ease opened up in my daily routine of smoothies and snacks.

Discovering a small silicone sonic face cleaner without a brush (so no brushes needed to be replaced) set my daily skincare routine into streamlined ease. 

An extra-giant recycled giant sketchpad (also a tool of creativity!) helped me to plan massive new projects, and mind maps and I realize I need another one for all that’s ahead… !!!

Right now: I’m eyeing a whole new light kit and travel light kit for my very new video projects coming to You Tube and more… I’ve got a need for a truly ergonomic meditation seat for my Buddhist practice at home (your referrals welcome!)… and many more.

Simple tools to do things better can unlock doors to more time, energy and way more love for your days!!!

Have fun gathering up and polishing up the supplies and tools you have (*phone upgrades, digital decluttering, all count!!!) so that your days are full of a flash of creative electric!!!



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