Focus On The Best Case Scenarios!

May 27, 2018 | Creativity

Best case scenarios are the only scenarios I’ll talk about.

I’ve dwelled on worst case scenario ideas and I have wound up not in the worst all the time, but definitely not anywhere near the place I could have been with a little more belief in my own ability to create outcomes!

Everyone I know who likes to revel in the “realistic” and the “worst case” seems to have a lot of limits, a lot of worst cases and a whole lot of evidence to support their very strong sensibility.

I prefer the best case scenarios now. And I prefer my own view of what’s realistic.

I encourage you to live your best life in your best ways. If that means being a little more unrealistic to some people and way more true to yourself, well, so be it!

Best case scenarios are the best…!

Reality is all that we make it. I spent a good deal of time being indoctrinated by the idea that I must be in an office instead of wading in the ocean. No matter how hard I tried to accept that reality, it was so distant from my nature. I belong in the ocean, in art supplies, in my spiritual practice, in my flow.

It took me a long time to accept the fact that I was meant to create my own reality and that this reality did not get formed on top of worst case scenarios.

A life built on fear has built-in limitations. You can only reach so far, try so much, decide so creatively… or else you’ll break from reality and the worst things will come.

This is not a universal truth.

It’s only true if you believe it.

Challenge your limits built on a reality that says that it’s only possible to have/be/do just so much. 

Lots of quiet time can help you get a clear sense of your own imagination, where our personal reality begins. Imagine, create, vision board, make art… Your whole life will expand.

Stretch more. Stretching is incredibly for your body. It’s also incredible for your life. Practice stretching every day physically. Stretch mentally by constantly learning. Stretch in every way, day-by-deal reaching a little bit farther!

Constantly commit to yourself. It took me years of consciously choosing my reality over other people’s ideas to “unprogram” myself of limitations that were longstanding. From writing in journals to making new choices every day in my life, making plans and taking my ideas seriously, every single thing I did that was a commitment to my reality shattered so many limitations that held me back.

Love is your life-expander. It’s the heart-expander. It’s the limit-breaker.

While people come to me for Feng Shui looking for more money or more luck or more clear space at home, or a soulmate… what it all comes back to is deep love.

Love yourself deeply enough to value your reality and expect amazing things to happen.

In this space of love, everything is a best case scenario!



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