Are You Tired Of Chasing After Things You Want?

May 29, 2018 | Creativity

I grew up happy in my own universe.  I’m happy to be back in that happy place.

In the middle, I took a very damaging, unproductive, stressful detour.  If it taught me once-and-for-all to stop chasing things, it was worth it.

I am 100%  done with chasing anything like I used to.   And today, the feng shui is all about active attraction instead of striving.


Here’s a fortune cookie for you to start!

If you knew you’d win— if you were sure about your talent and work ethic and connection and you trust the world is somewhat benevolent— you’d chase a lot less, right?

When a psychic told a friend to stop dating a ton of men and keep living her life and then her soulmate would appear, it didn’t take her more than a few days to clear her schedule.  Why do all that dating when there was so little interest in any of these men on a deeper level… especially when you’re sure that the thing you want is about to appear!

Be very clear that the thing you want is about to appear and, as soon as you’re in that place, it becomes a million times easier to relax more every day.

Now, to the chasing of things. And how much of a waste of energy it can be.

Money and love and health are all energy.  It’s not something you really want to waste, you know?

When I was a kid, I didn’t think much like the people around me, and I was AOK with that.

I didn’t care what other people had, what they did and what I seemed to lack…and, in this place of happiness, I became my own cheerleader.  I was always pushing the bar to see if I could create more creatively, do things that were cooler, write a better story, push the envelope in academics, have bigger adventures.

I managed this for quite some time until life became more “real” and I felt compelled to turn to other people to figure out what jobs I could have and how I could “make it” in the world.

I wish I never did that.

I went from a life of joy, ease and, dare I say it, world-class achievement to being trapped, limited, miserable and not knowing who the hell I was.

There is nothing bad ab0ut working hard. There is something bad, in my experience, about working so hard that you’re feeling exhausted.  There’s nothing wrong with being aggressive.  That said, being too aggressive you’ll become a stalker (!) or another form of imbalanced being.

We tend to be great at go-go-go but less great at doing nothing at all.

We need to relax to recieve.

On a very basic level, if you’re running down the street and someone is trying to hand you money, you’ll need to stop to collect it from them.

We need rest/breaks/naps to be more receptive.

Along with a pace that is right for us.  

The message today is simple.  Build your dreams, create them, make them, experiment, work at it all… but make sure to hang back and relax enough, too.  Trust in life more.  Trust yourself more.

What’s meant for you won’t pass by you.



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