Uranus In Taurus Abundance Feng Shui!

Jun 1, 2018 | Creativity

(world animal foundation talks about the importance of trees)

While I don’t live by horoscopes, but I find the patterns of astrology, especially the moons and big trends and themes, to be incredibly thoughtful and aligned with things I’m thinking about.

The biggest of trends are the outer planets— slow moving and thought to be deeply change-making, their shifts are ones that seem to be broader, deeper and really fascinating.

There are two big shifts that started in late 2017 and now in 2018 that will be around for 7/8 years and they’re all about reconstructing life so that it works on a much more powerful level.

Saturn moved into Capricorn in December of 2017, shining a light on creating new order, organization and clarity in every day. There’s more feng shui on this HERE.

And now, Uranus moved into Taurus. This shift is thought to be about wealth and abundance and even our systems of money itself (like… money may actually change!) and living with passion to create that abundance. It’s about the Earth, enriching the Earth, even gardening and composting.  It’s about passion and love and rich sensory living and how it brings a higher level of wealth to all of life.

We’ll touch on this way more I’m sure in the 8 years ahead, but today I wanted to start with some change-making feng shui. More specifically: embracing change. It’s not easy sometimes to do, even when we actually want change!

If you look back to 2010, that’s when the last Uranus shift happened into Aries. The theme was becoming more aligned with your path and stepping into leading in your life.

It was when a sonic boom happened in my own life.  That sonic boom I couldn’t explain ultimately led me to do things I never thought about and have been the greatest blessings. Including starting this blog from a popular little Tumblr blog in early 2011.

I’m not one to predict how this will affect anyone else (because we are all so individual) but I’m one to champion anything and everything to do with positive change-making for sure!




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