Feng Shui To Put Love First And Flourish!!!

Jun 6, 2018 | Creativity

We all have priorities.

I’ll start with a bold statement here: love is the biggest priority in so many ways.  It’s our life force.

Filling your life with people you love and seeing them, loving yourself and seeing yourself in alone time that’s grounding and fulfilling, loving your life enough to fill it with activities and goals and dreams and compassion that lights you up…

This is everything.


I hear the wildest things from people striving to have a big-deal of success, the real hustlers, the real go-getters, the people who are even into loads of self-development;

“I have money goals, bills to pay… I’m stuck in x,y,z situation… I have no time for this, it’s totally unrealistic and I don’t believe in love like I used to… Not everyone is lucky enough to have love… Not everyone cares… “

And on and on, a whole list of arguments against love from people dedicating themselves to achievement. 

What these people don’t realize is that love actually brings more achievement.

Painful self-sacrifice and hard-driving achievement are not very prosperous.

In feng shui, how the energy flows matters. Free-flowing energy in your home is prosperous and inspiring. Free-flowing energy in your body is expansive, awakening, thrilling.

That said, it’s not just that the energy flows that matters.

The energy quality also makes a huge difference.

You can pump your home full of energy that is frantic, high strung and frantic. It’s still “flowing” but it’s surging in ways that are hard to harness.

Have you ever drank too much coffee and tried to hold a pen and your hand was shaking? It’s not the most comfortable, in-control feeling to be wired. It’s also not sustainable and it’s extremely un-creative to be that frantic.

If you look at how culture portrays success, it’s rarely valued to have someone portrayed as balanced. Frantic and hard-driving and all that energy of pushing hard are prized as a stereotype, but I think, slowly yet surely, that is fading out.

Now, let’s look at what love can do.

Love is a frequency of energy. Yes, you can fall in love… but ultimately all that love is an energy frequency.

LOVE is much-much-much higher than Pride (satisfying the ego) and Desire (satisfying the ego). And if you look at the chart above, created from tests done on millions of people, Pride and Desire fall on the scale where energy is CONTRACTED. You’re less effective when you’re keeping up with the neighbors, trying to beat out a colleague or focused on forcing your way through the day.

When you’re aiming toward Love, life expands. Of course, you want things but they aren’t things that come at the expense of your health or your most important relationships or morals. Yes, you are proud, but not proud from a place of “I’m better than other people!” but proud from a place of “I did my best and I am celebrating this!”

It’s a whole different vibe.

A lot of us find ourself in lower states on the chart for many reasons— life is full of events that test us, for sure. You’re not a bad person no matter what you’re feeling right now.

But, if you’ve been suffering without anything you love in your life for the sake of some sort of achievement, realize that living a life full of love is an achievement.

You’re expanded, you’re inspired, you’re influential, you’re lighting up rooms.

And in that state, needs get met so much more easily than in worry, fear or force.

Allow yourself time to love. 

You can reset your sleep schedule to have alone time in the day for self-care. 

You can cancel out some stuff you don’t love for the things you do.

Allow yourself space to love. 

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. 

Make room for a hobby, for a pursuit, to meditate, to read books. 

Allow yourself to connect to more people you love. 

Make dates with friends and drop the energy-drainers. 

Get a pet!!!

Fill your home with plants, as they, too, have emotions.

Even the smallest shifts move you into more of a zone of manifesting magic.

Love is that powerful.  All you need to do is choose it, allow it, and make it a priority!



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