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Jun 7, 2018 | Prosperity

I work with a lot of people.  People who want to change their homes, change their lives, grow their wealth, live with more love.  I work with more than I ever thought possible, and more and more every day.

The biggest person I work with now, though, is me.

Every single day.

Taking care of me. Looking at where I’m ignoring myself. Seeing where I’m being really hard on myself. Looking in the mirror from time to time and reminding myself I’m human and not a bunch of characteristics that need to measure up to pictures on social media.

I didn’t used to work that way.

I was so thrilled at first to have so many people to help as everything blew up in a surge of creative opportunities, so many people to design with, so many new projects, that I was last on the list.

I was doing what I love the most, so, it was all good. I was insanely great. Dream-come-true stuff.

So what if I missed some sleep or spent half my year on a plane or had my days so packed that I could barely keep up!? It was so exciting!

And then…

I lost my voice every other week. I thought it was just that my voice needed training to speak so much.

I got some over-worked issue in my arm and couldn’t move it for two months. I thought I just needed to hire someone to do typing for me. 

I had this exhaustion wash over me in the midst of so much joy and creativity and I was convinced that I had to just get new vitamins.

My life was telling me over and over again that I needed to make a change and I did everything but look deeper at what was happening.

I had a string of clients come to me that we’re going through the same thing. In them I saw clearly how much they would benefit from putting themself first. We change their space, shored up the energy leaks, cleared out the old habit fields, started an immersion in self-love on so many levels that they started thriving and feeling fantastic. They found new purpose and mission. They were lit up.

If I ever wanted a mirror of life, this was it.

I started putting incredible amounts of time into my puppies, sleeping, taking breaks, beach walks, friends, love… I loved my work, but I had so much more grace and calm and rest.

And then…

Life gave me a deal with a skincare company that brought me back to spas, facials and even making more art… I got another deal to write about breakthroughs in wellness, all sorts of wild health products pouring into my house… Another series of high-profile speaking events partnered me up with a incredible energy healer who did heart-opening, cord cutting, highest-vibes flowing everywhere…

I started designing things my own way and the universe met me more than halfway!

It was like I couldn’t get enough self-care. Everywhere I turned, there was more.

You can do this. You can make joy and rest and self love a big part of your life. You really can. And if you’re feeling spent, blah, over-cooked, burned out or anything less than vibrance, you may want to give it a go to see what happens?! 

I had no time and, yet, when I decided to do it, I had more time than I thought!

I was almost nostalgic for that feeling of pushing everything to Level 10 (we all resist change!), but I was prospering even more in a more balanced place.

I got so much more clear on my creative voice that I stopped losing my voice.

I realized I’m an artist first, and I could understand that even though things looked like good for business if they weren’t for me, they weren’t for me. I learned to say no to deals (books, business stuff) and offers (clients, life-changing type of jobs) that were just not me as great as they could be. People thought I was crazy (even I did for a moment!), but saying NO when it feels like NO is self-love and it felt right.

And, from there, the Love Camp was born. It was the Camp I thought I’d make in the first year of making the Feng Shui Camps four years ago. I thought I would create the Camp for Clutter, then Money, then Love. But, these take half a year to make because they’re so full and it kept getting pushed…

Funny how Love kept getting pushed until later (!) until the mirror of my life was very crystal clear, and the biggest of all the Feng Shui Camps came to life.

I don’t say it lightly when I say that love is your manifesting magic.

And, it’s not meant to be airy and unicorn-like, as much as I am full of airy, unicorn-like thoughts!

Love was the thing that took me to levels in relationships, work, life, health and happiness that I can’t even fathom. Without this re-tuning of my life, I probably would have been on an extended sabattical by now trying to pick up the pieces of my burned-out self.

I had always done a good deal of wellness, spiritual practice and self-care.   I didn’t know what I was missing in terms of love’s power until I gave myself the most I’d ever experienced, that which I needed so much, and… it was epic.

The Rice Experiment sums it up beautifully. Look at what happens when you love things and what happens when you ignore others!

One Love Camper told me after the first round when her whole life changed so gorgeously and dramatically, “My desire for others to know that it’s truly possible to have a life full of love is immense.”

It’s truly possible to have a life full of love.

Even if you aren’t in your dream job. Even if you’ve got lots of responsibilities. Even(especially) if you’re struggling in some way.

Love is the fountain of youth. It elevates your cells. It turns your body into more glowing light. It makes you magnetic. And it’s the reason why, of all the things I do now, the most important is stay grounded in the fact that my love for me in action is the engine of my own life. 

When asked in a hospice if they had regrets, the most potent that patients told a nurse:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

When I first read this list I knew that these all could have been all of my regrets at many points in my life, even while “living my dreams.”

Let’s not have them be any of our regrets.

Live your life with more love than you ever thought possible.  It’s always the best choice ever.



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