Believe In Your Breakthroughs And Expect Your Dreams To Come True!

Jun 12, 2018 | Creativity

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I love when I work with someone on their home and I get a message that somewhat-instantly something big happened.

“I just got offered half a million dollars in investment money!”

“I just got the job!”

“I just got engaged!”

Sometimes it’s the next day (!!!) or a week or two later. It’s usually followed up with something like this, “Oh my gosh, the feng shui worked!”

But: the feng shui didn’t get you the money, the job, the engagement ring…

I respond with a huge “YAY!!!!” and, usually, a reminder, too.

“You did it. You applied it. You believed in your dreams. You took steps to make the space around you awesome. You created the breakthrough.” 

Creativity is not an accident and no tools make your dreams come true without you.

If you’re looking for a breakthrough, mobilize your magic and make one right now!!!

(things organized neatly)

Yes, the tools help tremendously.

Feng shui is full of powerful tools.

But, just like a paintbrush helps apply paint, the paintbrush can’t paint on its own. Nor can feng shui or anything in it do anything on its own.

In fact, a paintbrush is a perfect analogy.

You can have a paintbrush and lots of paint and a canvas and nothing will happen. You have it all set up. Nothing is going to get painted without you.

It’s like taking classes and learning knowledge and not applying it. Or buying lots of stuff to be “healthier” and not using it. The untouched high speed blender. The gym membership. The luck charm. The tons of theory we all learn that are important but really just data unless it goes someplace.

Then, you can pick up the paintbrush and decide that you don’t know where to begin. You’ve got ideas but what if you don’t know the rules of painting? Maybe you should get an expert to paint it? Maybe you think you aren’t good enough? So you drop the brush and nothing gets started. 

This is how I stopped myself from starting big projects or making them bigger. As soon as it was time to hit the “go” button, I froze. There was too much I didn’t believe in myself, and maybe you’ve been there, too?

Now…you might play around tentatively with the paint and the brush and hope for the best, believing that it’s hit or miss.  If you like what you made, you’ll think you got lucky because, well, you’re not an expert.  

I’ve done this a lot, thinking I got lucky with my creativity. “Oh, that was a fluke!” or  ” I can’t top that, it was just an accident that it worked!”

I could never build any real momentum because I felt that my success, my ability and my creativity was sort of a coin toss.

Or, you can decide you really want to make a painting no matter what and dive in, even though you’ve never painted before. You might watch some videos or take a class to know how to use the tools in ways that are best practices… but you are driven by your want to create this painting no matter what.   You can follow your feelings, loading up the brush with colors you love, spreading paint around in joy, knowing it will somehow lead you to something great. Even if you come back to it every day for a month. Even if it’s not what you expected.   You feel it and you know it.  

And, when the painting is finished… you are certain it wasn’t an accident!

Creativity is like this at it’s best. You know that no matter what you need to learn, practice, hone or surrender to the process, it’s all leading you to an end product, a creative breakthrough, that you’re looking for. It’s not a gamble. It’s not a “luck” moment. It’s you shaping the universe in ways that feel fantastic.

If you use anything from a crystal to a smudge stick to a full on feng shui makeover to change your space and your life and you don’t participate in the process and hope it creates something major in your life, it’s like buying all the stuff to paint and letting it sit there.

All of my feng shui clients participate in the process, more than they thought they would!   And, it’s the reason why I created the Feng Shui Camps— the tools and the practice are your creative magic in action. And in eight weeks, we practice and practice and make that magic happen.

For the last 10 years I’ve seen massive breakthroughs happen that are not an accident or luck or the product of where you moved your sofa.

They’re a product of a decision and intention channeled into action. They’re the product of you knowing— even if you don’t feel it fully yet— that you are creating your life and you are the source of your creative power.

All of the tools are excellent. I only use the tools that are non-superstitious. After all, you don’t need any more things to hope for, because all that hoping can be super-stressful and creatively paralyzing!

Instead, it all starts with you. Your desires. Your decision. Your intention.

And, like deciding to making your first painting and being willing to do whatever it takes to see your vision fulfilled on your canvas, all of life unfolds in the same way.

Believe in your breakthroughs and expect your dreams to come true. Then, dive in and make that masterpiece come to life!

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