10 Feng Shui Ways To Allow More Great Things Into Your Life!

Jun 13, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity


Action is awesome to make things happen.

The other aspect of having all that you want, though, is ALLOWING those awesome things into your life.

You can go, go, go, and have tons of opportunities (IE: making things happen!) and yet, if you’re looking at each opportunity and worried about which is best and stressed about what’s wrong with each one… none are likely to come to fruition.

We can keep what we want at arms length. Money, love, creativity, wellness… we can achieve so much and then, sort of push our rewards away instead of letting them in.

While some people do have a problem getting into action, the biggest block I see to growing the kind of life so rich in abundance that it glows isn’t taking the actions. It’s allowing the rewards.

Let’s create space to allow more of the amazing stuff in today!!!

Use your intuition as a guide, not a Fortune Teller. 

Meaning: it’s amazing to intuit the next steps, the outcomes you’re creating, the visions of what you want… but it’s not as amazing to decide “it has to come to me “this” way and “this” way only.”   Make sure you’re not backing yourself into a corner of limitation by deciding that there’s only one route to get from where you are to where you’re going. There are so many ways, and when you’re stuck on a vision of just one way of HOW you start limiting all the possibilities. It will happen, you will create it, you will make it… but you don’t need to know all the how’s to make it happen!  (this is really freeing!!!)

Create space. 

Clear what you don’t need and make room for the new. I’m clearing space daily now, and deeply, because I know it’s the best way to stay open and receptive. The free Breakthrough Camp intro videos are HERE to help you clear space if you need to elevate your home!

Listen to your body. 

When I’m tense, when I’m feeling jumpy… I know I need to move in all ways. That energy needs a physical outlet to keep in flow!

Be all-in.  

Don’t set yourself up for a soft landing when you fail by talking about how it’s OK if it doesn’t happen. It’s way better to fall short of your mark sometimes than to never really give 100% to what you’re after!

The best way will reveal itself in creativity. 

Start making things. In the process you’ll find the genius arrive!

Be willing to feel new and amazing feelings. 

Yes, it’s weird to have faith in yourself. It’s startling to feel unconditional love if it’s usually been conditional. Feel it all. You don’t have to “justify” feeling good with reasons that you deserve it. You already deserve it!

Get hydrated. 

Water helps. A lot. Drink up!

Treat yourself.

In all ways treat yourself amazing. Get yourself gifts. Make your world beautiful with even the most natural and seemingly small indulgences that are huge!

Don’t criticize.  

Judgement is a creative block. Compassion is magic.

Stay in LOVE. 

You can’t be your best and be hard on yourself at the same time. You are cancelling your efforts every time you choose to beat yourself up or deny yourself love. You’re cancelling your creativity every time you talk about how inadequate you are. You’re shutting doors when your heart is closed.

Open up to more love and allow such great things into your life!




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