Harness Your Magic By Making Brilliant Decisions Every Day!

Jun 18, 2018 | Prosperity

I love the idea— and practical application— of the notion that we can craft the universe in ways that feel best for us.

It is possible. It’s not possible every moment to control everything that happens, but steering the ship IS possible!

Making a solid decision — one that you feel in every cell of your body— that amazing things are in process for you is a power we all have that is also a practice.

The “practice” part of it is the key for me, and it’s the feng shui of the day!

I’ve made many decisions to put myself first, to exercise more, to do many specific things and also to make more general habit shifts and I’ve mean them and felt them and stuck with them and eventually fell off of them…

Maybe you can relate?

Even some of most incredibly powerful decisions have sort of fallen off over time.

I’d sweep it under the carpet and tell myself other things were just more important.

And I’d fall back into workaholism, sitting too much, giving too much… thinking too much, worrying too much, feeling the familiar rush of stress… all of it… familiar but not anything that was sustainable.

So, I would set up life with choices that were polar opposites:

Career OR Wellness.  

Love OR Career. 

Exercise OR Free time. 

And on and on, I gave myself very distinct and opposite options that seemed rational.

They kept me very limited and justified in believing the limits were real.

So, where do we go from here?!

I decided one day that I wasn’t going to make an all-or-nothing decision. I wasn’t going to agree any more that I could have one thing or another.

I decided to practice making decisions that shaped my life, and make them every single day.

You don’t decide to brush your teeth once and then every day your teeth are brushed, right?

Same thing with putting yourself first. Same thing with making time for exercise that feels great. Same thing for making time to make the smoothie: deciding, deciding and deciding every single day.

This is where decisions become magic.

A relationship expert gave me the greatest insight ever:

Every day we decide (or don’t decide)to show up and be in love. It’s not that you fall in love once and that’s that. You decide to show up. You decide to keep sharing, growing, unconditionally loving, making it a priority, and everything else.

The myth I lived with was: once you fall in love and you decide to be together, the rest just falls into place because of love.

It was not very effective!

Life happens every day because we create it.

No decisions lead to getting a life that’s lived by default for me— no choices, no options, taking what comes, hoping for the best. It made the notion of “having it all” a mystical event fueled by luck that happened to no one that I have ever met by luck alone.

Choice is so potent a tool. Decisions are such an incredible practice.

Make them and keep on making them.

Grow that love in your life on every level with every choice you make.



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  1. EllaWinfrey

    I am sick and tired of procrastinate saying I am going to start something and never do

  2. Stephanie

    Great article


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