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Jun 19, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity


Nature is our best friend in creativity, love and all kinds of manifestation. I know it maybe sounds cliché, but it’s never failed me.

Lifting me out of burnout, keeping me steady in unsteady times, creating harmony in place of anger, making my body come to life, my energy more glowing… all of it.

Lately, this beauty and power is all that I crave. I’m out on hikes and walks in trees and fields daily, soaking up the beauty. A wand of herbs (sage, lavender, rosemary and more) is always burning at some point in my home during the day. I’m gathering up greens at the Farmer’s Markets, making potions full of elements from nature to clean and clear my house (from citrus peels to essential oils and flower essences)… all of it so deeply nourishing.

Something as simple as a salad, as easy as a beautiful bouquet, as common as a grapefruit… it can all raise the energy of your home and life. And when you’re in this natural flow, everything happens with fulfilling ease. 

I don’t crave anything artificial, I don’t like even the feel of plastic, I am not one for synthetics of any kind in general. I am attracted to energy more and more and when I feel I need to shut the doors of my own life it’s telling me a few things…

There’s been too much un-natural noise

There’s been too little powerful, natural connection

There’s been not enough light, clear space or rest in rhythm with the planet

And, so, what do we do?

Yep, Nature holds my solutions. And these ideas might help spark some of your own ways to sync up to your power sources every day…

If I need more perspective, I find it in more Natural motion. If I can walk, I head outside and stroll as long as I can. If I can’t walk, I reach for Strala Yoga, tossing on a video that honors the way that I move best, in softness and flow.

If I need more energy, I find it in more rest and nourishment. The Vitamix in on full-tilt, filled with every leafy green (even edible weeds, radish greens and more!) and tons of fruit the bowls overflow with produce, naps become regular…

If I’m deeply in need of change, all my creative tools come out of the art drawers and things start getting painted, woven, concocted, splashed and molded…

I spend days at my Buddhist temple. I spend more time in quiet. I meditate with my dogs.

All of it is my Nature. My sync.

You’ll find yours as you explore if you haven’t found it already.

There are easy ideas to start clearing the negative vibes from your environment to welcome in this fresh, natural sync. Here are lots of favorites to spark some exciting ideas at home!

Tap into Nature.

Live more Green and protect the Nature around you.

Find your sync.

This is the kind of power that supports you in creating everything you need.

Most importantly, it feels amazing!



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