Create A Sacred Space At Home Where You Can Tap Into Your Magic!

Jun 22, 2018 | Creativity


We all need sacred space. And I know that sounds mystical, but it’s very practical.

As Joseph Campbell famously said, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

That is both powerful and practical.

We live in a whirl of information where things swirl incredibly fast. Where information bombards us so quickly it’s incredible. Just this morning, feeling fantastic, it only took a few checks of my email and social media for work to get an onslaught of images and information that I didn’t need to know and didn’t want to see.

And that’s fast to find myself at the start of the day already pulled from the path of creating the day with intention, suddenly spending time clearing the negative energy out of my home and mind.

If you’re wondering why it feels hard to stay creative and optimistic or maintain your momentum, this is a part of why!

It’s these subtle things that we’ve grown accustomed to that can move us from incredible power to “How do I feel good again?”

While the best solution is to stay away from all sources of bad news, and I highly recommend it, it can seep into the day in weird ways. And news isn’t the only way. It’s also, traffic, conversations, work issues, and a host of other things that can take us off the straight path to dreams coming true.

Sacred space is vital.

Right now, after too much has already seeped in from just moments of social media, I am headed to my own most sacred space at home to recharge, rejuvenate and get on my path today.

An hour from now, any residual effects of the clouds that threatened to move over my day will be wiped away completely. Even just talking about heading to sit down in my most meditative place and do my morning Buddhist practice makes everything feel as if it’s steering back to deep CAUSE rather than EFFECT.

Negativity strips us of cause and initiative and power.

Clear space is where we tap into our magic and become even more powerful creators of our days.

You can stay in this light space every single day even more easily when you have a place (or places, I have about six places, including my whole home!) where you can go to tap in and focus on what you love, letting the momentum of anything negative shake out of your days.

I’m excited about my long walk with a friend later. Excited about my hour of bliss ahead. Excited for a big salt bath, a visit to my most favorite Korean spa, a nap in bed… all sacred spaces.

Right now, though, I am cuddling up with my puppy and doing a few minutes of visualization because love is the ultimate in everything that rejuvenates, refreshes, restores and revives!

Create sacred space. Transform your home into a sacred space. Live with all that power. Allow yourself to feel that amazing.


Here’s to days that shine!



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