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Jun 23, 2018 | Creativity

Do you know how you feel right now?

I would get startled by that question. And I would then think about it and respond with words that sounded good. The idea of how I felt about certain things at my core was too much to confront. I was in the wrong relationship, I was not at all doing anything that matched my potential, I had terrible feelings about the people in my life, that they secretly (or not so secretly) disliked me. I was figuring life out with my mind and had no use for “feeling into” certain things.

It was a confusing time because I felt really disconnected from my bigger path no matter how much I focused my mind and learned self-help ways to get on this “purpose” path.

Reasoning, thinking, calculating… it was so exhausting!

By nature I’m a maker— writing, telling stories, making art, synthesizing ideas, having adventures I created– and here I was as an “adult” with nothing to make and feel truly excited about.

It was all thinking or mental in some way. And, it sucked the spirit out of me.

By nature in some way of another we are all makers. And if you feel far form that energy of making things, today’s Feng Shui is all about feeling much more…!!!


If you’re in that space of think-think-think… and no answers are coming…

Soften up! Softer textures, pillows, softer thoughts… all help immensely!

Shut down! Close phones. Close browser windows. Close the doors. Get more quiet and free of extra data to “think” about.

Relax more! Rest, recharge, rejuvenate.

I know it’s all the opposite of working really insanely hard, but if you try it, you may find that it works better than stressing yourself to the brink to find an answer, solve a problem or make a decision.

Naps, daydreaming, quiet and no phones/computers/TV’s are such incredible life-openers!

Also, when you’ve gotten through things and there they are again popping up in life (!!!) it can be easy if you’re anything like me to feel like a failure, get discouraged, angry or so frustrated that it’s incredibly hard to solve the problem or handle the situation.

It took a long time for me to see this playing out in my life, and maybe it does in your life, too?

Spirals. Stuff coming back until you get to the root of it.

What was once maddening because exciting once I learned this.

Instead of beating myself up for not “eradicating” a problem fully the first time, I dug deeper and started to see that … “Oh, this is showing me there’s a level deeper to go.”

And that deeper level is a feeling thing for me. It’s not mental gymnastics.

When a vampire situation comes back, I know I have to feel into it and see how I am staying attached to it.

When a chaos situation returns where I thought all was organized, I have to feel into what’s prompting it.

And on and on.

It’s instinct. It’s gut feelings.It’s also very individual and personal.

And from this place, so much can get solved.

The “how” tends to arrive when I force it less and keep on staying creative.

The “what’s next?” appears when I’m not trying to insist that life matches a mold.

It was a weird feeling to return to a more natural state of being, but now that weird feeling is incredibly welcome.

It’s my magic. It’s your magic. And, it’s easier that we all may think to allow more of it into every day…!



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