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Jun 27, 2018 | Creativity


We’d all love to be incredibly motivated, incredibly excited, incredibly thrilled, incredibly on fire with ideas, opportunities and more.

And, that’s not always the case. Not for me. Not for anyone I know.

Not every day is a creative level 10.

We can all get repetitive, think too much, get derailed by life, find ourselves searching for things to do, get overwhelmed, and much more.

Let that go for a few days, a week or more and here we have what is a creative block.

Now what do you do?

There are so many exercises that can help you pop out of the rut. There are so many techniques that can help you move from this place. (HERE are some ideas!) &There are lots of fun things to try, and many that work!

But, today I wanted to share something far more fundamental and deeper, so you don’t need to constantly be reaching for a creative block cure all the time.

It’s easy. It’s so easy that it’s easy to miss it.

And, I come back to it all the time. 

Get really clear about what you’re building. That mission is incredibly powerful.

Try not to hedge your bets so you won’t be disappointed.

Get deeply clear on what it is and own it. Let yourself do what you want!!!

You’ll feel the rush of energy instantly. When you want something and you dare (and often it is a dare for me!) to pursue it, it’s like a flash of lightning.

Then, the trick is to keep that flash of lighting electricity in flow, building and building.

Don’t worry about telling everyone.

It can be your secret.

Don’t think about what is “realistic”— you decide what’s realistic.

Remember every day that this is a guiding light, not a thing to write on a piece of paper and stick in a drawer.

I’ve stuck many pieces of papers and lists in a drawer. Some manifested, some didn’t… but if I had reminded myself every day that mission and energy was the core of why I was doing what I’m doing, so many things would have been even easier.

This is more of a celebration, not a wish.

Celebrate your purpose and energy every day. You don’t need permission to develop your talents, grow a dream project or anything else. You don’t need any divine intervention to take steps every day to bring this energy to every day.

I think you get the gist: try not to deny yourself your dreams, your purpose, the mission…

It’s the simplest thing, but getting clear on this and allowing yourself to do it in real life, not just in “idea” like I used to, can crack the world wide open to joy and possibilities that once seemed completely impossible.

You can’t do it wrong.

It is really incredibly awesome to have this steady fire lighting your way.

And it’s super-fun.

This is what makes ease more possible:   It’s not just relaxing into life. It’s also having a guiding light — a clear purpose, a high and light aim— that’s a constant catalyst so you can stay flow where it’s easy to get stuck.

Think about how exciting it is to get ready for a big adventure vacation, holiday, birthday…

That can be every single day.



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