Focusing On What Matters Most Is Magic-Making

Jul 4, 2018 | Creativity

What matters most?

That’s been where my mind, body and soul have been oriented lately. I’ve been more quiet, more off in long walk, with family staying at the house, with a family friend that may as well be my family quite ill in my prayers, with a whole universe of priorities shifted straight.

I’ve had my life re-aligned more times than I can count and I’ll tell you, it’s disarming how powerful it is when my mind, body, soul, emotions, creative energy and everything electric in my life is focused on what matters most.

Not minutae. Not figuring things out. Not comparing myself to other people. Not regret or self-criticism or other super-depressing self-sabotage.

Just love.

Cuddling with dogs, love, sleeping, eating, seeing friends, planting my feet on the ground in the grass and breathing, my spiritual practice, the unfiltered messages and personal truths I’m blessed to be able to speak freely, the days I can share with the people who matter most.

I get that there’s always a lot of other stuff that “has” to be done in a day, but what we’re focused on is what sets the tone and lines up life in a powerful way like a lightning rod.

I’m talking about the kind of natural focus that pulls your whole life into sharp detail.

You don’t have to search for meaning- you are meaning. You don’t have to wonder abut outcomes- you’re in the best place. You don’t have to question yourself because you can’t imagine making any different choices.

What matters most is what matters most. This is the stuff that makes life magic. 

What’s worth exchanging moments of your life for? What’s worth focusing your energy on and developing? What’s worth filling your mind with?

This was the first thing for me to realize about 100 times throughout my life to allow in the new and amazing next level that was coming to me—

Flush out the static, vampire, entitled, out-of-whack, annoying, draining and deeply waste-of-time dynamics 100%.

Feeling so totally done with this life garbage — being a doormat, being a fixer for everyone, being a feeding source for leeches — is the start of a whole new chapter in life at any time that you decide.


Make what matters most matter most.

When priorities break down, everything breaks down. It all becomes pointless, monotonous, tedious and a giant waste of time.

I’ve spent some time closely observing a lust for power in some folks in my past that managed to turn to a deep emptiness over and over again.

I mean: what’s the point?!

Don’t get me wrong: money is awesome, a lifestyle you love is epic, a sense of freedom is unbelievably important.

But: nothing replaces a sense of passionate purpose when what matters most to you is the center of your life.

Your checked off to-do list won’t keep you warm at night, being “better than” someone else won’t take care of you when you’re sick or congratulate you when you’ve done something amazing, a pile of beauty products you buy won’t be the fountain of youth or wellness if you’re exhausted and disconnected, being accepted by a clique will shrink rather than expand your life.

Love is all of those things. It’s vitality, fulfillment, confidence, joy, connection, truth and beauty.

I’m not in the genie-granting-wishes business I thought I was in ten years ago when I first saw that I could help people make their wishes manifest with more speed by changing their homes.

I’m here because I want everyone to line their lives up- their homes, their days, their focus, their feelings- like a lightning rod.

What matters most is what matters most.

When you’re in that place where everything is lined up and what matters most matters most, you almost can’t imagine sometimes how many amazing things happen, how incredible you can feel and how much of a synchronistic sense of magic rains down on your days.



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