Do You Believe That Everything Is Always Working Out For You?

Jul 10, 2018 | Prosperity

If ever there was an addiction to have, this is is!

And today’s Feng Shui is all about everything working out for you.

If you believe it is… it really is!

I’m aware that right now it doesn’t possibly seem like everything is working out for you.  Given what I have in front of me at this moment to do and complete and create, you’d listen to what is actually happening at the present moment in my life and laugh if you heard me say that everything is working out for me!

That said, now I know everything is working out.

It’s a decision, a feeling and a bit of a philosophy at this point.

And, it always works so I’m not about to change it!

I don’t get every single thing I want… but, I do know that I get exponential positive effects from living at cause rather than effect.

Hoping and wishing are more “effect” than “cause.” 

This is where I used to live, in a place of hoping and wishing that things would work out while I tortured myself because suffering, you see, is what I learned to equate with “earning” success.  The more I suffered, the more I could say that I totally deserved success.  I could get righteously angry when success didn’t come fast enough because, well, I worked SO hard.  And, honestly, success didn’t come often or enough to match my struggle.

I always felt small and like I had to puff myself up with incredible effort to be confident and worthy.

It was not a fun thing and I couldn’t say that anything was working out.  I could only say that I hoped it would work out, and when it did I felt lucky.

Most of the time I was just extremely stressed.

One of the best things I learned: we tend to struggle in life in areas where we don’t believe in ourselves.  We may even lack subconscious beliefs to support us. 

This is a bold statement, but after listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton explain that 95% of our lives is subconscious programming and that we can’t possibly know all of our programs (it’s “sub-conscious”) that drive us for a good portion of our days, we DO know where we are lacking those programs that support us.

Wherever you have to struggle and work-extra-hard, you likely don’t have the programs that support whatever you’re doing.

So, what do you do if you didn’t get a download of awesome beliefs as a child?

Just practice new beliefs and install those!

Repetition, coupled with emotion, can “install” programs that you want into your subconscious mind.

It can be as easy as telling yourself several times a day that everything is working out for you and believing it, even for just a minute! That belief and repetition— starting to feel and see things working out — can change everything.

Evidence is enticing.  

I love evidence.  I love tangible proof.  I like to know that what I’m doing is working.  I bet you do, too?!

A big check, a big love, a big opportunity, a big incredible happening— those visible proofs are the things we all love.  They’re usually what gets called a manifestation.

I love this stuff.

I also know that if I obsess about what hasn’t happened yet… it does not work out for me.

We get more of what we focus on, so focus on what’s working!!!

It’s the deeper changes that are the real evidence for me now. My feelings are my proof.  In Buddhism, they’e called “treasures of the heart.”  I used to dismiss them as something that would be nice, but I wanted the visible proof stuff.   I got a lot of it, but it was never quite enough.

I started to see that the “invisible treasures” like  love, joy and unshakeable happiness are the barometer of truth for me.  The “manifestation” of whatever it is I need always comes at some point, but my life works best when it starts with feeling good.

Get in a creative flow and follow your feelings. 

A while back, I started asking myself for the next steps while journalling, the next inspiration, the next focus.

“What’s exciting to do next?” 

And then, I write and write.  As I write I’m not thinking, just letting the ideas come through the pen to the paper.

Today I didn’t journal.  Instead I got up to get a drink when I was about to write this and when I opened a drawer I saw what a mess it was and I took five minutes to straighten it.  It came together brilliantly. &That worked out so well, I got inspired to re-fold the linens in the hallways closet that were disheveled. Then, the blankets.  Laundry.  The parts of the bathroom that I wanted to deep clean got scrubbed… and… and…

Three hours later, my whole home feels elevated.

My life feels more aligned.

Granted, I’m writing this four hours later than I wanted to (!) but I knew I couldn’t show up here until I finished straightening this stuff.

It created the energetic “click” that I needed.

It put me in a flow.

You can give yourself that same “click” by straightening a mess.  Clearing a drawer.  Taking care of a project or an area in your home that feels neglected.  Even lighting an incense stick can be a game-changer.

Follow your feelings.  Practice the stuff you want to create.

And, look for the evidence that everything is working out.

The more you see that it is… the more you’ll want to lean in and trust it.

And as you do, that feeling grows and grows along with your abundance!

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!

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