10 Easy Ways You Can Clear Clutter In 10 Minutes!

Jul 22, 2018 | Creativity

Every bit of space you make in your mind, body and soul is epic for your whole life.

From the thoughts you think to the words you speak to the stuff in your closets— it can all pile up as clutter.

Simple clutter-clearing practices (like saying only positive words for a full day!) can be incredibly space-making.  And, this, in turn, can change your whole life.

Here are some simple ideas to let go of the clutter and keep your life radiating calm!

Ten Things to Do for 10 Minutes by Carol M. Olmstead.

I often write about how a cluttered house makes you exhausted and frustrated. Yes, I do understand that when you come home from a frustrating day and you’re exhausted, the last thing you want to tackle is a complex clutter-clearing project. That’s why I’m sharing these 10 simple clutter-busting actions from Unclutterer that you can start and finish whenever you have 10 minutes to fill:

Organize your sock drawer. Get rid of socks that have holes, are stained, or are singletons.

Clean out the area under your kitchen sink. I know you don’t even like looking in there, but it’s time to get rid of things like almost-used-up bottles of cleaning products.

Collect your pet’s toys. Designate one basket or box in the house for all of the toys; if you can’t do that, put a collection box or basket in each room.

Sort through your magazines. Decide which ones stay, which ones get tossed, and which ones you can cancel and read online.

Clear out your “to be watched” list. Check your favorites list on your Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming accounts, then delete the movies and TV series you’ll never watch.

Start a load of laundry. If you can’t stuff one more thing in the hamper, now’s the time to start at least one load.

Straighten out the trunk of your car. It doesn’t matter how it got there in the first place, if you no longer need to drive around with an item, take a few minutes and return it to its original place.

Remove wire hangers from your closets. Those things multiply overnight, don’t they? Time to pull them out of the closet and take them to the dry clearner for recycling.

Post an ad. Choose a site like Freecycle.com and post an ad to give away your stuff to people who need it.

Sit in silence and do nothing. Uncluttering your mind is just as important as uncluttering your home.


The simplest ideas are often the most brilliantly powerful.  Create space and you’ll find so much more power is available to you. Along with confidence, energy, intuition and calm.



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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!


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