Allow More Of The Things You Need To Show Up For You!

Jul 23, 2018 | Sensory Goodness

Have you been waiting for something, someone or some circumstances to avail themselves to you?

Call these things into your life: actively, creatively, awesomely. Call them in.

While there’s no telling where or why or how they’re going to arrive, you’ll have a whole lot more of what you need in all ways when you’re in a space where you can receive it all.

To know me is to know I don’t like idly sitting by and hoping for change or hoping for anything. I am a big fan of creating opportunity.

Creating space for opportunity, believing that it’s possible and getting ready for things to arrive.

Sometimes, though, you don’t know where to begin, you know?

And in those times, I tend to learn way more than I’d expected.


I had a great big live demonstration of this recently:

I had the most insane pain- worse than after a surgery, worse than times I’d been in the hospital— shooting down my neck, shoulder and back. And, while it made no sense to me why or how this incredible tension built up, it was there and I had to solve it.

Proactively I tried every supplement, every energetic shift and every practice I knew of and it was just not budging.

So, I went to a sound bath thinking that I would maybe get some extra-calm energy and maybe, in the process, see some friends and get my mind off of things.

It was while I was laying there, silent, in all this supernatural sound that I set a very clear intention-

I am willing to do anything to feel better and I’m making my body a big priority.

Great! I thought I would start with a new wave of acupuncture treatments, spas and such. I could see it all. I had some options in my mind. I had actions to take. It was going to be the most important thing. I could let go of some other stuff in my day to really make space for this.

Then, I went to stand in line for the bathroom with a friend. Someone asked us how we felt and I couldn’t help but blurt out, “I’m in incredible pain.”

Within seconds, a man was in front of me who said he could help.

He didn’t just help, he gave me a few big gifts as he took me into a treatment room and put my shoulder back into place while also aligning so much more of my body and energy.

It wasn’t lost on me how instantly this all came together:

I asked and it appeared.

I was willing to do what it took and make it a priority and there it was.

And, more powerfully, was the stuff I learned in the process of this being done, and I’ll get to that in a second.

First, the big thing, something I realize is the same behind pretty much every “magically manifesting” decision I have made in my whole life: I decided to make it a priority and do whatever it took to make it happen. I may not create life in the same ways as you and I am not suggesting I’ve cracked some code of the universe, but this is true for me EVERY SINGLE TIME and I see it becoming true for so many people that it’s worth sharing. When it matters enough it tends to manifest!

I’ve set lots of wishes on paper, but there’s a big difference between a wish and a deep want that has energy behind it. There’s a really vast difference for me between wanting something and being willing to reorganize my life and take really inspired actions to make it happen.

So, there was that in action.

It doesn’t always happen in a flash but sometimes it comes together instantly, as it magically did when this otherworldly healer appeared.

The other that wild and worth sharing today is that I saw what tension was in a whole new light.

Tension shuts doors.

Tension builds like a snowball rolling down a mountain.

Tension blocks forward motion.

But… tension is so common that when I shared this with a small group of people more than a large percentage were experiencing the exact same tension in their body.

Tension is also a whole lot of clutter- whether it’s fear, trauma or anything else.

I felt waves of energy pouring out of my body as it was put back in place. When the tension was gone, I felt like I was both levitating and grounded all at once.

I didn’t realize the low-grade tension (*and in this case, severe tension) that I had become accustomed to as normal. It’s like the garage that someone has resigned will just be a mess until they can deal with it, or the project that will come to life when it’s the perfect time while mundane experiences pile up and pull things out of whack and set that perfect time off in the vast distance.

That tension held my life back in many ways I didn’t know until it was gone.

That tension made things less balanced. It affected my creativity, my energy, my light and my self-worth.

Without it, things are so much more clear.

As he told me once my body was back in place:

Forgive yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Look for more balance.

It’s easy to say but not as easy to do. Simple words are deceptive sometimes.

One thing I’ve been practicing is lots of long exhales, really exhaling the tension out of my body. All day long, more exhales. More surrender. More calm.

What I actually brought into my life was an enormous gift I didn’t even know was on the way. And that’s the awesome thing abut staying open: there are so many better things than you can ever imagine that are waiting for you!

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and dare to put your energy behind that ask. It may be safer to wish for things that you don’t want that badly, but that isn’t going to turn your life into glitter to work toward things you’re settling for, it’s just going to drag you down as you keep on settling.

Put your energy into things that matter and make them a priority. My body was about #10 on my priority list, and that is no longer the case.

And, the biggest one: less tension opens doors to more of things you need. It sets you free. It gives you your power back. It’s incredibly life-changing.

Allow it. Energize it. Relax into it.

If you’re ready to have the world cracked wide open and more energy and power sort of spilling everywhere in abundant ways, this is all waiting for you…!

xoxo Dana

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