10 Ways That Creativity Is A Magic Tool Of Life Transformation!

Jul 30, 2018 | Creativity

Creativity is a magic tool of life transformation.

After all, we want to be ready for everything we want in life to arrive.

There are common things that people think of as “tools for transformation” to get ready for a next level in life : from crystals to sage wands, seminars to retreats, oracles to high speed blenders…

We all have ideas of what awesome tools might be able to lift our lives to a next level.

The one tool or set of tools that’s rarely looked at but deeply profound:


Paint, beads, cameras, canvas, stencils, ink, oil, dye, yarn and endless mediums. Dancing, poetry, acting, singing, making music, conceptual artistry, design, writing…

Endless mediums.

It’s not what you use or what you do that matters, and it does’t even matter if you’re good at it:

Creativity is a magic tool of life-transformation.

Hit up the craft store and dive in…!

Creative energy is an electric that’s potent.

It’s your very core energy that is creating life. And, in essence that energy is pure creative potential.

When it’s blocked, you may feel numb, dull, tired or just… not sure what to do next. Overthinking takes the place of feeling.

None of it is ideal, you know?

And it’s happened to me even in the midst of being a “pro artist” so this doesn’t just happen to “uncreative” people. There’s actually no such thing as an “uncreative” person.

Creativity is connected to money, sex and magnetism in the chakra system, rooted in the second chakra of spinning energy on your body.

More creativity in a non-serious way (meaning: this is not something to work at, it’s to have fun with!) can be deeply life-changing.

Here are just a few of the ways that an art practice can help you to stretch and grow…

No massive extra doses of coffee are required when you’re in a creative zone making amazing things happen! And, when you’ve got breaks to take to write and play and make, you’re far more energized in general!

2. You’ll feel more grounded and comfortable in your body. (AND: you may even love your body a whole lot more.)

Truly a surprising one for me, especially. My strained (or severed, at one point) relationship with my body began to heal when I got back into arts and childhood crafts. I’ve seen it happen for so many people in different ways. Art is truly healing.

3. It’s easy (easier, at the least) to confront challenges.

If you’ve been in a zone of making things lately, you’ve been practicing something very important: lighting up different parts of your brain. The more you work with new areas of your mind that have been less utilized, the more new neutral pathways will ignite easily. So, a challenge becomes easier to look at because you know there’s a way to solve it somehow, even if it’s unconventional!

4. Emotions come up. So they don’t stay stuck. 

The frustrations of the day, anxieties, misunderstandings, stresses… they all can find their way to being processed, expressed or even transformed when you get into the making of things. Even cooking a great meal can be a wildly creative art form and deep decompression.

(Note: If you’re dealing with big emotions like deep trauma, seeing an art therapist may be amazing. I don’t recommend anyone deal with these things alone, as there’s great help everywhere to be found, even online!)

5. Connection becomes more natural.

When you connect with art you connect with the nature of life itself. Nature is our greatest creator. All of Nature is a great creative wonderland. (This truth of Nature can be extra incentive to live far more green in your habits every day!)

6. The noise of self-criticism gets more quiet and your true voice gains volume!

When you’re in that zone of making things, and really in the practice, the process takes you out of your “head” so you’re not over-thinking.

7. Happiness. Rich, fulfilling happiness.

A given. Who doesn’t love to play? The side effects of happiness, though, which include potentially boosting your immune system, sharpening your memory, and protecting your cells against aging are all pretty spectacular to pile on top of your pure joy!

8. Your ideas become more dynamic. And, you can see lots of them as real possibilities, rather than far-away daydreams.

As Maya Angelo powerfully said,  “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” That snowball of creativity brings you mountains of new ideas and processes to make them happen.

9. Bigger (positive) risks can happen because you’re less attached to the outcome. You may find yourself less attached to “things” in general!

When you get into a space where you know you can “make” things and you can always “make” new ones, you aren’t limited by the idea that just one thing (project, job, artwork, solution, home, or anything else) having to be “the ultimate thing.” It’s easier to explore, to look at options and enjoy the process.

10. Scarcity gets traded in for major abundance.


You know you’ve got options. You know you have activated potential. You feel more of your magic. You know you can sort it all out… so… go for it!!!

There are no limits to what you can do, make, have, heal or experience.

In the flow of creative magic, you’ll know that to be true!

Happy Making!



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  1. Janey Bloggins

    This is so true! I always make myself dance and sing to get out of a funk!! Love this article, thank you for sharing!!


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