Feng Shui To Wake Up Your Inner Guidance Even More!

Aug 1, 2018 | Prosperity


Inner guidance is something that seems foreign at first to people like me who have been taught for a long time to trust my reasoning, load up on data and be “smart” about things.

I never realized how much my intense thought would pull me away from myself, my talents and my wellbeing.

I’ve learned the long and hard way that when you have a hard time connecting to your true self, all of your emotions and those most vibrant desires, it’s really hard to connect deeply to anything else.

Your home and life reflects you to the degree that you’ve tapped into all that magic inside of you.

The magic inside us— all that genius, intuition, ideas, magnetism— comes forth as inner guidance in different ways.  That inner guidance knows so much (we all know so much!) and when you set it free, wake it up and give it a channel of expression, so much can happen that’s extraordinary!
I just had this out-of-this world bodywork done.  For lack of better words, it’s like my body and life were realigned.  Or, aligned profoundly for the first time.

Like all great things can happen, I wasn’t expecting it to show up as it did but I was asking for it always every day, throughout the day.

I did this work putting my body and me back into harmony and it sparked a string of deeper realizations. It’s been waking up a far more profound connection between my self and my body.  That deep physical connection and unconditional love are making all of life look and feel richer.

The results: I am so excited every day,  I am creating more that ever before that has me on the edge of my seat, I feel love and open-heartedness all the time… “manifesting” is incredible, things arriving that I’ve needed and wanted almost mystically…

All from making a deeper connection to myself and listening to the guidance.

Yes, yes, yes…!!!

I’ve been looking back over years of work and life and looking into what, right now, has been turning my intuition and energy to a higher volume and a few ideas that feature heavily into my way of Feng Shui stand out…

Doing nothing. As in, truly letting myself do nothing.  It’s a huge wellness practice in a life where I’ve prized the idea of doing so much.

Listening to myself.  Lately, if something feels tense or misaligned or not right physically, instead of rushing for a holistic cure  (*these are all great, by the way!) I’ve first been tuning into it and listening for what it’s trying to tell me.

Yesterday, a weird ache in my neck (the kind that would have immediately set me into aggravation) got me outside for a long walk.  It wasn’t the complete solution, so I stopped walking and let myself feel it.  Within a few minutes of thinking nothing specific, deep breaths and tuning in (all of which require no skill to do…) I had a flash of messages that I needed to send.

I sent them. Right there, in the park, on my phone.  By the time I walked home, I felt 100% well and sort of astonished, too.

While I certainly haven’t mastered this, I am seeing more and more value in listening to my body and my life so much more.

Lean into silence.  I love music, podcasts, learning, books, background noise… but also, I need lots of breaks in quiet.  When I’m most disconnected from myself I’ve felt comfort in noise even though it’s the opposite of what I’ve needed!  Silence can be really confronting.  It’s also really revealing, letting that inner wisdom speak more audibly!

Breathing out tension.  I used to let tension build until I’d wake up unable to move my shoulder, arm, jaw… It was bad.  It was a disconnect- me disconnected from my body and stuck in my thoughts—  that allowed tension to build like a snowball.

Every day, throughout the day, I started checking in with myself to see how I feel.

When I feel tense, I breathe for a while and stretch and move.  I don’t let it build until my body sounds an alarm.

Everything is easier without tension.

Clearing space.   Clutter, bad vibes, vampire relationships, extra stuff stuck in the schedule— it all keeps us from daring to hear our inner guidance.  Clear it away and you’ll find yourself bubbling up with creativity, overflowing with energy and truly lit from within.

The more space you make, the more you simplify, the more you’ll have an easy flow receiving those downloads of guidance, the inspired ideas, the knowing that things are OK, the sense that you’re supported in the world…

It’s all waiting for you in the space you make, the breaths you take…

And, it’s so exciting, I hope you enjoy every moment of it!



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