Be Your Own Champion And Watch Your Whole Life Expand In Awesome Ways!

Aug 12, 2018 | Creativity


Be your own champion and you’ll be much happier. And, more well, more abundant, more glowing, more magnetic.

It’s incredible when I reflect on how easily words like, “I’m a mess,” could float from my mouth to describe my appearance, the state of my internal world, my life for so many years…

I’m a mess, I’m broken, I’m not there yet, I’m…

It was incredible the litany of things I spoke to myself every single day.

If enough trauma and exhaustion and self-loathing build for long enough, it can be this “normal” thing to casually disparage yourself.

I did this daily while all the while striving to be “better.”

Be your own champion and you take tremendous stress out of your life.

Becoming your own champion is the true beacon for your abundance.It’s 100% futile to tear yourself to pieces.

I’d break myself down in an immense, searing critique (every piece of me was so imperfect, so I had plenty to work with) to gain the “motivation” to launch into some sort of betterment quest.  Then, once I’d feel a little better and sense I made a little progress in my quest for betterment, I would realize that one person or another was still so much “better than” me. There went the down spiral, back again with a new round of reasons why I didn’t measure up.

Looking back at this I see now–

I did not want to grow. I wanted to stay stuck. I wanted to avoid having to deal with consequences of flying high and maybe falling. I wanted to avoid real heartbreak so I never really loved anything or anyone I was involved with too deeply.

I never grew. I never flourished. My heart felt so secondary to my mind.

And, I worked really hard and didn’t get far. I couldn’t get too far. There was always some diversion, some inadequacy, something I would create or identify that would hold me back and keep me in a zone of “waiting for life to happen” or “realizing my life’s mission.”

Every day is my life’s mission. It’s still stunning to me to see the lengths I went to ensure that I would not shine too brightly.

It took me a very long time to realize what I was DOING TO MYSELF every single day. The pressure, the bitter rebukes, the impossible standards, the rigidity, the want for a perfect state that didn’t exist.

Each time I realized it, I had an opportunity to change it more. And, over the course of years, I noticed that I had come to be my greatest champion.

Don’t fight yourself or the flow of life. Support yourself.

Let yourself have all the extra everything you need. Including creative freedom.

There are so many times when I know I need more self love than ever.

The more I stretch myself, the more I need the support from myself. All the support in the world from loved ones is awesome, but when I am not on my own team, I tend to unravel fast. It was a hard lesson to learn but now…

Busy times =more self care than ever.

I can’t tell you what a magical difference this makes!

Consciously connect to yourself throughout the day.

Disconnection is the norm these days. You don’t stare at a phone screen and stay connected to yourself. It’s a sort of tricky situation because we use technology to connect, but we all need physical, visceral, real life grounded experiences. And, we need a lot of them.

In the service of self-love and having your own back, take breaks to connect to yourself. Close your eyes and see how you are feeling. Take walks and get in touch with the flow of your energy. Do visualizations, meditations, a quiet cup of tea…

You get the picture: check in more often.

I’ve noticed for myself that when I’m disconnected, I’m struggling in some way physically. Hungry, tired, stressed, stuck, tense… and a little connection can bring things back together!

Create a ritual that is super-simple that is a touchstone.

Before I finished writing this, I had my crystals in my hands, connecting to the message they’ve been programmed with! Here’s more on this super-simple ritual.

And, of course, it never hurts to say a few nice things about yourself, even humble bragging, because it’s really important to be OK with how awesome you are…!!!

Be your own champion and transform your life.



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