Eight Of My Favorite Steps To Prepare For A Season Of Wealth!

Aug 13, 2018 | Prosperity

(energy muse palo santo cones)

When isn’t it a season of wealth?!

It’s always a season change to go deeper and expand wider.

So, today I thought it would be fun to share a few ways of feng shui that I’m deep in right now to get ready for a new wave of expansion!

My life is a swirl of berry smoothies, Buddhism, big walks in the park and all of the below! I hope you’ll find some inspiration to launch into your own wealth season, amplifying your energy and getting the momentum flowing!!!

Trying new creative energy rituals.

I have a thing for experimentation to stretch the boundaries of what I know. My latest ritual is from the Energy Muse book that is a must-have if you love crystals,  Crystal Muse. I have a list of stuff to get to do the 3 day grounding-yourself ritual, and I am so excited about it!!!

Finishing unfinished projects.

Oh, the blog will be busy with all the posts I have queued up this week. I’ve been building up so many posts and have these unfinished projects to send out to the universe now…so get ready! Unfinished projects are a weight in your life. Finishing them is like a rocket ride forward!

Preparing in advance.

I love it when I don’t need to worry about what I’m going to eat, wear or do!!!  As much as I love spontaneity, having some things planned in advance brings me incredible creative freedom!

Skin Purification.

Home spa time has a new rejuvenating meaning to me. This Cocos Black Magic Clay Mask is an epic find for purified skin. I also have Zenmed OreganoMint cleanser scrub in my shower for daily incredible polishing of my whole body!   Try doing a dry brush massage before your morning shower and feel the circulation boosted along with your energy!!!

Upgrading details.

Oh how I love to revisit old writing and infuse it with new energy. I’m also revisiting my wardrobe (!) to plan the next season, my house plans for more plants everywhere and… then, there are those business details getting ironed out.

Details matter. Focus in. Revamp what needs a refresh. Feel the higher frequency! That is wealth energy.

Stove Cleaned.

Yes, clean it. If you are not good at cleaning your stove, you can specifically get a stove deep cleaning done (and organically in many places) by a cleaning service. It makes a big difference!!!

Crystals are humming… and new ones are on the way!

My crystals are taking one more bath in the sun and moonlight this month, and I shower them with affection in the meanwhile so they can keep their own vibes high!

Hanging new art.

Specifically: making and hanging new art. Look out for the post that’s coming soon!

Change your art and you change your home.

And away we go!

Set up a higher vibe in your life. Create a platform to expand upon. Let go of all the outstanding stress. So much that’s so amazing is waiting

Off I go to get the art supplies I need all set up at home…!



P.S.: If you want to really immerse yourself in the light of joy so much more, my favorite Feng Shui and cutting-edge energy-shifting tools that I use almost every day are HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 


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