Immersion: My Favorite Way To Take A Quantum Leap Forward In Life!

Aug 14, 2018 | Feng Shui 101, Sensory Goodness


While I’m a big proponent of daily habits that create higher vibes there is something potent about a powerful immersion to create a big leap in growth.

Immersion is defined by Merriam-Webster as  “complete involvement in some activity or interest.”

It’s also a word used to describe being dipped in water, or heading to a foreign country to learn a new language.

Swimming in life, learning the new, completely involved in something that you love or want to know.

Yes to all of these things!

Today, let’s talk about immersions that can jump-start or speed up a whole new paradigm emerging in life. This is the kind of change-making that is wildly exciting!

When I’m learning something new that’s important to me, it helps to really immerse myself in it, rather than picking up bits and pieces.

When I’m a changing a habit, immersion is the best way for me to go to surround myself with a whole new paradigm.

There’s a deep sense of focus when I’m swimming in a subject, deep in an art process, sitting in the midst of a new place or a new project.

Immersions are my favorite type of learning and my most creative process.  They’ve helped me to heal, grow, make, learn and teach.

If you feel like you’re not seeing progress in an area of life, an immersion in change-making (be it a weekend of raw food or a seminar or a new class) can be your catalyst!


Back when I first found the diet that healed my body from massive autoimmune issues, I immersed myself. I tried learning bits and pieces, but it wasn’t working.  I found myself eating the wrong foods, not knowing what to buy at the grocery store, not knowing exactly what I needed.  It was 12 years ago, so I joined an email list (the old school version of a newsletter) and I read every daily email message.  I found a mentor who offered to download to me all of her tips. I read the book written by the diet’s founder vigilantly.  I made grocery lists.  I kept a food and symptom diary.  I changed my water filters, my shower filters and even my shampoo and conditioner.  I was fully committed to this healing process because I saw it worked for people.  I wanted to be one of those people (!)  and it soon became second nature.

It worked!  I’m so grateful I got well, and that immersion helped me stay the course for over a decade now and counting.

dana claudat

Immersion is a powerful way to focus and connect on a deeper level.  Once I got well from that spell of illness, I finally went on my first Buddhist immersion in Japan for a week.  It was a trip that that immensely changed my life and my spiritual path forever. I spent much of that immersion overwhelmed by beauty, half of it in tears of realization and forgiveness and I came home with every cell in my body lit up from within.  My Buddhist practice had never been as connected and profound as it became after I took that journey.  Now, it’s a (nearly) yearly event, and I long for that immersion to reach a higher level of growth.

I did the same type of an immersion with feng shui without realizing it.  I learned about it and tried a few tips that led to a wild feng shui rampage in my home (I love that creative fire!) only to find that I was hooked in some way I couldn’t describe beyond elation.   I was thrilled by the instant and natural transformation in my house. It wasn’t long until I immersed myself in a professional training just out of interest…and, then, a whole life of feng shui and design and wellness bloomed around that foundation.

Years later, I started creating online feng shui immersion camps— eight week dives into clutter clearing, wealth building, and love manifesting– that were totally in line with the way I learned to take things to the next level for myself.  Now, these immersions are my favorite times of the year and so many people in the Camps agree, heading back season after season to dive deeper.

I’ve gotten far more serious about fitness and expanding my wellness practices in the last five years but the last six months in particular it’s been a big theme in my life. My next immersion is a three-day weekend- October 26-28th–  in Palm Springs with Wanderlust at Wellspring.

I thought I’d share my favorite PS Airbnb. It’s booked through January, and not by me (!), so I still have some hunting to do to find the ideal house… ! (Keep me posted if you know of something great!)

Finally, I’m able to experience “The Class”, the infamous workout with a cult following that is so fascinating…finally!  And, yoga with Seane Corn two days in a row!   You’d think I would have more time to do this in LA, but it’s far easier to do in this immersive experience.  I’m thrilled to dive deeper into new practices of wellness, see a surprising many friends who are speaking (I thought I’d be on my own!), do some meditation (Light Watkins and Unplug will be there!) and pretty much swim in information and movement and new practices I’ve been craving.

I may just bring the fur babies with me to Palm Springs – I found them perfect polo shirts for the desert!

After that, the next stop is back to Japan.

That’s the thing – when an immersive experience works for you, you know its there for you to revisit it and dive deeper.

xoxo Dana.

P.S.: If you want to join me in Palm Springs, Wellspring info is HERE!  My dream schedule for every day is being sorted out right now.  The thing about an incredible retreat is that it’s normal to do 20 things in a day… and, I just might!

Stay tuned: I’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for the long weekend (!!!) to someone on Instagram soon, too!


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