Embrace Who You Are And Transform Your Life!

Aug 14, 2018 | Prosperity

Embrace who you are and your life will become immeasurably more brilliant.

Let’s start here: Are you fighting your true nature?

I can tell you I spent a lot of time explaining myself, arguing my case, justifying my choices and I did it to the point where I had to justify things to MYSELF in order to feel OK about them.

I also spent bountiful hours creating schedules and making plans and chasing after things that were contrary to who I am. Making relationships right that required I change who I am at my core, making jobs right that meant tossing away everything that I hold dear in my values, making situations right that were wrong…

I felt that there were things about me that fundamentally needed change: I had to learn to be the earliest riser, I had to wear tons of makeup because, you know, Los Angeles, I had to be open to sacrificing my time and tolerating partnerships and “romances” that were 100% wrong, I had to be more easy going… I had to be more daring… I had to… had to… had to…

Sound familiar?

When I broke down a lot of those glass ceilings, I could finally be me. And a whole lot of my brilliance returned, even though I still am not wearing full makeup during the day, waking up at 5am or any of the above.

Accepting your true nature is the greatest of prosperous gifts you can give yourself. The time and energy you save and the joy and manifesting magic you recover are all priceless!
embrace who you are

Gold. If there’s a color that I identify with it’s metallic gold. In Feng Shui it’s metal- the great curating color, the great elevating element. It creates healthier boundaries and magnetic days. I need gold because my mind is full to the brim with ideas, desires, thoughts and directions that are all in full color. Gold is like my “sorting things out color.”

I used to try to suppress all that flowed through my thoughts in a desire to be “single minded” in a focus. Guess what? It never worked.

But, I spent countless hours disavowing hobbies, passions and time for love in order to try to force myself into focus. I tried to be a minimalist, but it’s not my vibe.

I spent years feeling like a failure wishing I could be this blank slate of total focus on one thing.

Fighting your true nature never works. 

Embrace who you are and you’ll see the difference it makes. 

Some people are not meant to live in minimalism. I am one of those people. My mind is layered and I like layers. My thoughts are rich and diverse and I like that texture.

Letting myself like how I am at my core has created a whole lot of freedom.

I love this. It’s a Harmony Mandala. Stencil Revolution (so awesome!) send this to me. Gold paint was my choice. But the harmony theme was a big one for me.

The last two years have been accepting a lot about myself that makes me me. This includes a lot of extreme things— extreme love of art, extreme love of my spiritual practice, extreme curiosity— along with some less-than-extreme things like my love of home, my fascination with natural healing and energy clearing, my daily bath habit and requisite chill time with my dogs.

Do you have some positive extremes that you feel like you’ve been “advised” to temper so you’ll be more “normal”? Do you have some things about you that you love that other people can’t understand and so they judge.

Dana, you work too much.

Truth: I am more me when I am working a ton, even in the craziest deadlines.

Dana, you need to get out more.

Truth: I am more me when I’m spending a lot of time alone.

You need to… you need to… you need to...

Have you been pushed to reject what make you YOU because it’s not “normal” for people around you?

Let that stuff go.

Embrace who you are.

Harmony!!! It’s imperfect. It’s a bit crafty. It’s very shiny. It’s a little splattered.

That’s the ethos of me that I’m OK with— all the stuff that’s visceral and full of emotion.

I felt myself buzzing while I piled on the golden paint.

You might be wondering…

With all this talk of accepting ourselves, does this mean that I have thrown self-growth out the window?


I have tons of my own less-than-awesome habits to break, my own stuff to heal, still, as a lifelong adventure and a mountain of things to learn and create.

But, I’m doing it my way now, rather than wishing I was someone who woke up at 5am, looked ultra-glam at the grocery store and worked only 7 or 8 hours a day, four or five days a week.

We all have things to evolve, changes to make and journeys to take.

Embrace your true nature. It’s not bad if it’s different. It’s brilliant. It’s true.

From that place, you’ll have harmony in all the layers and contradictions and you’ll find magic in all the motion.

You’ll be far more grounded in your power.

And, you may just break through a glass ceiling.

This was the first now-vintage You Tube I made when I broke through some major glass ceilings almost 6 years ago.

Now, the glass ceilings have fallen away to such a degree it’s wild to look back and remember.

Letting myself be my true self without judgement was a glass-breaker!

Enjoy all the power you create when you let yourself be yourself even more fully!!!



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