Standing More At Work Can Be Life-Changing And Wealth-Building!

Aug 15, 2018 | Prosperity

Welcome to my convertible standing desk. It’s one of the greatest innovations in my work day.

Standing much more is life-changing.

It’s made me more flexible, more productive, more energized and more creative.

And today, we are talking all about that power of standing up at work.  

Ergotron asked me if I’d like a standing desk converter to try, and when I first said “Yes!” I wondered if they could read my mind, hearing how tired I was of sitting and how weary I was of trying to find places to work (the bar at Starbucks, counters at cafes) that were not a nuisance.

It is really helpful to be able to levitate my computer and stand up at will!

I still take breaks every hour far away from a computer or a phone, but the ability to stand and work has made it immensely easier to flow through my work days that are super long and can run heavy on screen time!

Let’s look a bit at the science of standing much more often.

Standing May Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

In the 2012 study, “Sedentary time in adults and the association with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death: systematic review and meta-analysis.”, the meta-analysis which included 18 studies and 794,577 participants, found that prolonged sedentary time increased the risk of heart disease by up to 147%.

Standing at Your Desk May Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Glenn Gaesser of the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion at Arizona State University in Phoenix and colleagues, performed at study where they monitored the blood glucose level of 9 overweight adults who typically sat for most of their 8 hour work day.    A week later, researchers guided the subjects to stand in intervals of 10 to 30 minutes for 2 and 1/2 hours a day.  The third week, whilst the subjects glucose levels were still being monitored, they were asked to walk on a treadmill standing desk for the same amount of time, 2 and 1/2 hours at a low pace of 1 mile per hour.  The last part of the experiment required participants to work while slowly cycling on a stationary bike.

As reported: “Average 24-hour glucose was lower for standing and walking than for sitting, and was lowest on the cycling days, the researchers report in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.”

Another study conducted in Australia had 23 overweight office workers participate in a 2- week study (5 days per week).  Through the first week of testing, subjects sat the entirety of their workday, while blood glucose levels were tested.  The second week participants rotated sitting and standing in 30 minute intervals.  The study found that blood sugar spikes reduced by 11% on average. 

Also, this quote and study caught my eye: 

Live Science published this:“Our culture of sitting may be responsible for 173,000 cases of cancer each year, according to new estimates….Physical inactivity is linked to as many as 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer a year in the United States, said Christine Friedenreich, an epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care in Canada.”

Where to begin?

You can convert any desk to a standing desk as long as it’s big enough to hold a desktop converter.  You can also find desks that completely levitate to stand and then go back to a sitting position. You can also find a cafe where you can stand and work on a laptop, or you can take longer standing breaks that include stretching and walking around more!

Healthine  published some great tips for using a standing desk that include:   

  1. Alternate sitting and standing every 30 to 60 minutes
  2. The top of your screen should be equal to the level of your eyes and tilted 10 to 20 degrees. The desk should be adjusted to just below elbow height.
  3. You should use an arm support pad for your mouse to reduce the pressure on your wrist.
  4. You can purchase an anti-fatigue mat which will increase your circulation while standing and make you less tired. Here are some notable mats for standing desks. 

Work smarter and work full of self-love and self-care. It will help you to force less and prosper so much more!

This is the way to wealth that is sustainable and exciting.

And, on that note, I’m off to take a long walk…!



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