My New Favorite Natural Skincare Products To Hydrate And Super-Glow

Aug 16, 2018 | The Beautiful

Natural beauty has definitely transcended trend— now, more of us are voting with our dollars for less chemicals and more consciousness in our lotions, potions, hair products and makeup.  Big companies are responding by stripping some toxins, putting an end to animal testing, adding “botanical” extracts and playing up the natural twist…and I think that’s a step in the right direction.

It’s not quite there yet completely.

There are many companies that have been more consciously creating beauty products that are wildly effective and free of all the toxic stuff we don’t want from their very start, and I love to champion those brands,

Because these products are not often cheap because they’re made with all organic oils and often hand crafted, I like to round up some of my greatest finds every so often to help you sift through the noise.  I try so many things in a year, when something stands out, it’s worth sharing!

The décolleté smoother: Zenmed’s Clearpeel.

I use this enzyme-filled gel a bit off the intended method.  I tried it on my face a few times and while I loved it, I am a bit too sensitive for it to be super-life-changing.  If my skin was a bit more open to change (!), this would be a knockout.

This has been miraculous for my décolleté, neck and even my elbows that are all smoother that ever now. I smooth it on and leave it sit a few minutes longer than instructed (4-5 minutes!) and then shower.  It is incredible how polishing these pineapple and papaya enzymes are!

Ultra-hydrating face primer (under makeup) or worn alone as a pure glow: Zenmed’s B5 Hyaluronic Plumping Serum. 

When I rand out of this serum, I gasped a bit as I always want it on hand now. Between the hyaluronic acid that is a super-hydrator, the vitamins and the caffeine in this serum, it’s the perfect wake up for my skin every day. I rarely wear makeup, but, when I do, it’s a stunning primer once it’s set for a few minutes.

The hydrating mask I use almost every night: Annmarie Gianni’s Coconut Honey Mask.

Can you get better than coconuts and honey?!  I liberally frost my face in this deliciousness after washing my face every night, and after about 20 minutes, wash it off with a tiny bit of cleanser so my face isn’t sticky.  It’s been brightening, moisturizing and dare-I-say, richly relaxing?!

Note: of all of these products, this is the easiest to replicate with coconut oil and raw honey.  

My favorite cocoa scented luscious sunscreen: Ann Marie Gianni’s Sun Love.

Never have I found a sunscreen so deliciously cocoa scented and so texturally rich that I cannot wait to wear it every day.  It is the first time I haven’t skipped sunscreen in ages.  I should note, if you have oily skin or plan on wearing makeup, this may be too oily/moist for your face.

The mask that has so deeply refined my pores and skin texture: Cocos Black Magic Clay Mask.

True story: I ignored the instructions, let this sit for more than 30 minutes instead of 10 the first time, and didn’t read the part about needing a washcloth to remove it.  As a result, I rinsed my face and spend a solid five minutes thinking I has permanently jammed charcoal into every pore that was now visible.


Luckily, I found a washcloth to remove it all properly and what I revealed were cleaner pores that I’ve had in nearly 8 months.  Whew!!!

Now, I use this mark two to three times a week, using only a small bit or it and following the instructions.  My skin texture has dramatically improved to nearly flawless… wow.

This one sells out often, so if you can’t try it now, you can try mixing up a DIY version.  It’s not quite the same, but charcoal is just so good!!! 

Overnight skin renewal: Rosemira Dragon’s Blood super-serum.  

I love this serum so much, I can feel the high vibrations tingling in my hands before I apply it, and I always imagine I can feel this soaking in and doing true cellular magic.

This skincare line is extensive, and they offer sample kits so you can try everything and buy what you love. I have never received as many skin compliments from strangers as when I use Rosemira serums at night… and that’s a beautiful confirmation from the universe that it’s really in sync with my life.

That’s the point of all these products and all of this return to nature- more harmony.  More high vibes.  More sync.

In that synergistic space, we thrive.

Love, after all, is the ultimate fountain of youth and the source of true beauty!






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