The Life-Expanding Magic Of Honoring Your Creative Process!

Aug 22, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

Being true to you is a big theme these days.

I’ve been hearing about it from clients and friends, seeing examples of it everywhere I look, recalibrating it in my own life and, as I take a few deep breaths (and four mile walks and hours of spiritual practice) to prepare launch into some enormously fun but yet enormous creative times ahead for the next eight weeks or so, it’s been the thing that makes the Feng Shui spring to life!

Being true to you is speaking up, not self-censoring or watering down your truth. It’s creating from a place of feeling whole and engaged even if not optimal and bouncing off walls in glee every day. It’s showing up. It’s knowing your boundaries, and when a NO is a NO. It’s also something very specific that has come up for me day after day for months and months…

Honoring your creative process is a huge part of being YOU.

And embracing that process is like expansive lighting for your life!

If you stay up all night, it may not be wellness savvy, but if it’s your process of brilliance, don’t “try to change” who you are. 

If you want things that are “impossible” to many other people you know, keep your dreams to yourself.

If you happen to work well in extreme deadlines that others have suggested is irresponsible, and you struggle to try to alter this… it’s going to hamper your self expression. 

But, yet, I see this all the time. I see this struggle to be “normal” or to meet other people’s standards.

I have lived it over and again for so many years.

Your creative process can involve: how you work, how you think, how you sleep, how you eat, how you make art, how you communicate, how you love, how you live.


Now, there can be legitimate things to want to optimize for yourself… (My one-time habit of skipping breakfast and lunch was not serving me at all, same with the times I was running on a few hours of sleep…)

But, overall, there are things we just DO that work for us, and they may look weird to other people. And it just doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Rather than stuffing your creative process into box that suits others, lean into everything that fuels you.

If I had a dime for everyone who suggested that I’d be so much more productive if I spent less time at my Buddhist temple, well… it adds up.

No one understands that doesn’t do what I do exactly why I do what I do. And, what I do is quite often practice Buddhism for hours upon hours. And, when I do it, I’m more creative, more in sync and more radically joyful than any other time.

I’ve seen people get the same well-meaning critiques leveled at them for doing too much yoga, traveling too extensively, reading too much, eating fruit (yes! some people think fruit will ruin your life!)… and on and on…

Happy, healthy, excited, joyous people starting to question if what makes them happy, productive and psyched is actually “wrong” to do.

I hear the apologies… “Oh, I am a bit crazy with my art practice… I know I shouldn’t be eating this (banana!) but… I have this weird habit… I… am… sorry… for… what… I… enjoy…”

HERE is where the joy streams out of life:

Apologizing for being yourself.

Worrying if you’re doing the wrong things.

Second guessing your brilliance.

Deciding to follow the pack instead of leading it.

Dimming your light so it won’t shine too brightly and overwhelm people.

I once had I had a semi-alcoholic (I see in retrospect) and incredibly rigid boyfriend who was obsessed with money and propriety. He could only be creative within limits that would make him money. He had a notion that if I didn’t become a “normal” business woman that he could agree with that I would “ruin my life.” I left him ( shocker!) and a few months later I was so happy and saw him. His parting words, “You have too much energy…”

Had I stayed, my life would have been dimmed to his level and stayed there to please him.

Take heart in the fact that right people come and stay when you are glowing hugely. In fact, your whole life will recalibrate to match your glow.

Your creative process is where you bring life to life. Own all that magic. Let it turn your mind to glitter and your world to endless possibility!!!

xoxo Dana

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