Is Your Life Asking You For A New Level Of Organization?

Aug 26, 2018 | Prosperity

If your life asking you for a new level of organization? What can be reorganized to make everything easy and fun again?

I asked myself that a few months ago. I asked myself that this morning, again.

When I see signs that it’s going to take a few shifts in the way I flow through the day to keep things on track, I now ask myself that often and see what I can shift.

I used to… criticize myself, let the fight or flight kick in, shut the doors to more growth because I was overwhelmed… and/or work myself into a frenzy of burnout.

It’s become very clear to me that a lot more gets solved in flow than in freaking out.

And, in every way I could imagine- organization can be the way to access that greater flow!

I have so much to do that I’m mopping my floors. 

I have a deadline so I’m taking a four mile walk. 

I have a problem to solve so I’m taking a nap.

I am so behind that I think I’ll clean my house and go to bed early. 

None of this seems logical yet of the above have been the key to creating bigger, moving through “problems” and making a mountain of overwhelm disappear.

Whatever moves you to a place of feeling more calm and centered will more easily help you to organize your life better.

Your thoughts will be more potent, your energy will flow more easily and you’ll have a better feeling-sense of what will help make things go right for you.


If you are in a place of ” How am I ever going do all of this?!” you may want find more ways of moving this excess energy through your body and your environment. 

The Home Energy Makeover is a simple idea to start, right HERE. 

Circulation: You can open windows and burn sage.

Movement: Go for a walk.Yoga, gym, stretching…

Cleaning: You can clear off your desk. Clean the house. Organize your wallet.

Resting: Naps, bed early, mediation, more breaks.

If you’re not already thinking I’m crazy I can tell you this is the way I learned to do 5X more and not feel like I was drowning or racing through every day.

It’s way easier to show up for your life when you are in flow.  

The actual “reorganization” happens much more intuitively and simply when you’re in this place of feeling yourself grounded.

I know that organization seems like a mental task. Lots of creating labels and folders and being regimented, right? And then you really have to stay on top of it or things are an even bigger mess than before.

So, what do you do to create real order that works for you?

Tapping into where things break down in your process is a great place to start.

Do you spend so much time sitting that you feel sluggish, achey and numb? 

Do you skip meals when you’re under pressure?

Do you stay up extremely late and then feel you’re falling behind all week long? 

Do you not know where the materials are that you need?

What happens that is a signal to you that things are getting overloaded the way that they are???

All of these habits and situations can point to a weakening in the flow. You stop working because you feel dull, you have no energy so you start pushing through the day, you’re exhausted but you’re not sure how to stop, you’re interrupted by not knowing where to begin…

And on and on.

Reorganizing can be scheduling naps, overhauling your computer storage, meal planning or grocery delivery.

And this is the kind of organization that can help you take what’s hard and make it… easy.

It may take some doing, but if you’re feeling better and your inspiration is flowing, you’re much more in alignment with life and in that alignment, things fall in place in amazing ways!

Here’s to reorganizing the universe in your favor, always!!!



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And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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