Shielding Yourself From Draining Energy!

Aug 28, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

We live in a world full of waves, energies and thoughts being beamed around us in a matrix.

It’s been scientifically proven: this is not just the idea of the New Age.

While scientists have at times risked their reputations as “scientists” to explore the mysteries of things like telepathy, influence and telekinesis, it’s come out as a truth that we do have the ability to send out signals to other people.  Our energy does travel and translate.  We are like radio towers both sending and receiving signals.

What happens, though, when the signals you are picking up are out of harmony with you? How do you keep the bad vibes out?!

Welcome to the very simple idea of shielding yourself from all that you don’t want or need!

I used to thing that the idea of “shielding myself” was closing myself off from the world and connection.  If I energetically put myself in a bubble, how could I connect?

So, I opposed this idea.

I wound up drained, dragged down and full of confusion.

I still resisted the idea of “shielding” myself— the notion that you can sort of energetically seal yourself away from outside influence— because I misunderstood it’s purpose.

Instead, I did all kinds of things to calm and clear my body, mind and home— burning sage, energy clearing, salt baths, essential oils– -you name it, I did it all daily.

I was on a hamster wheel doing these things to feel calm and clear.  It felt like a lot of work.  And I know when things feel like hard work, I am missing something.

Soon after, I learned from a friend who is a master of energy work that you can intentionally shield yourself from all the energies you don’t want (ie: stresses, bad vibes, vampire people) while staying open to all that you do want.


It clicked: Shielding my energy was a practice of self-love.  

And, it worked just like that.  It kept my energy stronger and more clear, it kept my vibes higher, it kept my life expanding.

I no longer needed piles of salt and sage to feel free of the day. Now, I could do those things because they felt great and extra, not because I was in such need of a detox.

William Braud’s scientific research showed that when people deliberately shielded themselves against outside energetic influences, they were unaffected by them.

This is a function of intention in action.  Still, to this day, the mechanisms can not be explained by science, but they are, nonetheless, observed and studied as a real thing.

Sciences have yet to catch up with how powerful we are.  And, shielding your energy can be a way to create a more powerful, intentional, healthy boundary around you every day!

You can try it simply:

Get quiet and feel yourself centered and breathing calmly.  ( I usually do this after taking a walk and getting my energy in flow, or first thing when I wake up)

Now intend for a shield (whether of a color, a metal or a light) to surround you and intend for that shield to let in all that you need and keep out vampire energy and all bad vibes.  Intend that it will stay with you all day.   You can even check in during the day and see if you need to do it again or if it’s stayed with you.

I have found this to be the simplest energy exercise to be extremely helpful.  Even if it does nothing more than serve as a reminder to welcome only the highest energy into my life, and the rest has no effect, that alone  has a huge effect!

Keep your energy high, light and clear.  The world needs your magic!



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