Cleanse Your Energy And Recharge Yourself Like You Charge Up Your Crystals!

Sep 2, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

If you exchange the word “crystals” above for “mind” or “body” or “energy” or “spirit” or “relationships” or “abundance” you’ve pretty much captured the greatest of all habits for staying happier, lighter, more free and more magnetic:

Recharging. Regularly.

Today’s feng shui is all about treating your life as you’d treat a crystal to keep it gleaming with high vibes.  And for those of you who have never charged a crystals, don’t worry, we’ll go over that, too!

charge crystals
This is how crystals typically get cleansed and recharged.

Notice there are two steps:

First you let go of the unwanted energies that linger in the crystal. 

Then you charge it up with higher energy. 

The step of cleansing can vary greatly depending on what appeals to you.  I like blowing sage smoke over my crystals.  I also like burning sage for a few minutes every day, so it makes sense for me.  You might love to put them out on the deck in the sunshine, letting them sit on the lawn or washing them in water ( depending on the stone, some will melt in water, as noted above!)

The step of charging is very much full of light.  Be it sunlight, moonlight, a visualized white light or another piece clear quartz or even amethyst with a super high vibe that resonates like light can all be used as a “power source” to refuel the cleansed crystal with tons of vibrant energy.


We need to similarly recharge!

We are just like crystals.

I forget this when I start thinking about taking care of my crystals, or anything else, when I want a boost of energy.

It’s gotta start with me.

It has to start with you.

Crystals don’t “work” on their own.  They are activated by energy: YOUR ENERGY.  If you’re feeling fatigue, if you’re overwhelmed, wiped out, not feeling great or anything else, you’re not going to see sparks of lighting flying off of crystals to come to our rescue.

Instead, gather up your energy first.

Find a best way to cleanse your energy fairly regularly: 

Just like crystals, Nature works wonders to cleanse your energy field.  It can help you to feel grounded and centered, to release stress and transform negativity.

Salt– in a bath– is another great way to do it.  Even some sage, letting the smoke waft over you.

Naps are also pretty incredible for shifting gears and putting focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want!

Whatever works to purify your energy… do this first.

And then… find a best way to recharge yourself :

Get inspired by books, by art, by exploring and connecting in life.  Deep conversations.  Sunshine or moonlight. Visualization.  All the light-working inspired and charging-up activities.  Making art.  Fueling up with creative fuel.

Lots of us are great at the “cleansing” but don’t do the re-fueling step quite often enough.  It’s like getting your car washed but not adding gas to the tank!

Fill yourself with glowing luminescence: inspiration, radiance, sun and moonlight, lots of art, love, people and passions that feel like glitter and fill you up.

That second step is important to keep your crystals feeling attractive and beaming.

It’s equally important to keep us feeling attractively magnetic and creating life with ease.

Cleanse your energy.

Recharge your inspired spirit.

And, keep on soaring…!



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