Align With Your Dreams And Manifest Them In Life!

Sep 3, 2018 | Prosperity

align with your dreams

Align with your dreams and you’ll manifest more of them in your life.

But how? How do you align with your dreams? What does that even mean?

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates with energy. And, everything is filled with space-shifting vibes that affect the energy of all other things.

People in the Law of Attraction mindset have said you need to align with the energy of your wishes and then, “boom!”, they appear.

I do believe in a whole lot of this principle, all of it actually, especially aligning with what you want in order to bring it to life.

The method to get into alignment, though, I find to be super-personal and creative.

The issue I had with the way that Law of Attraction was presented to me, and it’s more a nuance issue, is that I didn’t know what station to tune my energy dial to in order to “boom!” make the awesome stuff appear.

For example: What exactly is the energetic frequency of a new car?!

The nuance, the stickiness, the confusion in all of this was that it was too many steps for me. It challenged my natural flow. I was making it extra-hard and putting a method (an interpretation of Law of Attraction and how to apply it, in this case) as superior to my own creative brilliance.

I know one thing: when my clients feel great and they’re taking great care of their homes and lives, the “boom!” magic inevitably occurs. I know this to be true for myself, too.

You may know how to align exactly with the energy of that which you want to manifest and if you do, as a meditative exercise, that is spectacular. Please share how you do it!

I am not wired exactly that way and when I think too much I drive myself mad (!) so I find my own alignment in a more creative dance kind of a way.

Experimenting. Beautifying. Playing. Exploring. Following feelings. And being… softer.

Today’s feng shui is all about a creative and active way to line yourself up with your dreams and bring them to life!

Customize it to suit your flow through your days!

Power is SOFT.

Power is elevated. It’s creative. It’s easy. It’s not rolling a boulder up a mountain nor is it “Besting” people, controlling them, screaming or being a tyrant. That’s all the stuff that happens when things are out of alignment. Even those who scream, control and freak out in drama have gotten to a place of influence in some way through alignment. In between the outbursts, they found ways to bring what they wanted into alignment with their reality.

We see that manifestation of powerful people as warped or corrupted and it skews what power really is: expanded, unlimited and actually a manifestation of being much SOFTER.

Vulnerability is power. Being yourself is power. Resting is empowering. Self-care is empowering.

Anything that opens up your space and your life to more receiving is an energy that is powerful.

Doodle, play with paint, write in a journal, daydream, take naps… and you are gathering up that feel-great energy.

Don’t think too much. It creates rigidity.

Yes it does. Thinking can lead to the situation known where I’m from as “analysis is paralysis.”

You can “What if…What’s the worst thing…What should I say…” yourself into a very stuck place.

If thinking is too intense, take a break, watch a movie, read a great book… anything that takes you away from talking, computing or calculating your issues to solve is super-powerful.

This is a place where housecleaning can be magical.

Creativity is EVERYTHING.

It is EVERYTHING.  Everything is a great creative act.  Even sitting or standing wherever you are reading this is creative.

Earth is the great creative element in feng shui.  It’s the birth of all things.  It’s where life begins and how life is supportive.  The Earth itself has a resonance, like a heartbeat.  You can tune into that resonance by spending more time close to the Earth.  Visit a park.  Sit on a lawn.  Eat more plants.  Grow more plants.

Focus on what’s right.

Try not to focus on “what is” right now or that is what you’ll get more of, and changes are, you’ve had enough of the way that things are. What is right? What is growing? What can be celebrated? What is so inspiring it’s just epic?

These are the times that Bob and I take a long walk or a nap. It’s the times that I look in the mirror and smile because I’m healthy after being sick for many years. It’s when I remember that there’s a gift in every single minute. And it ceases to become a “gratitude” exercise and starts to become a simple focus on everything that is so amazing that there’s no pressure to have “X,Y,Z” fall in place exactly as I wanted it to, exactly when I wanted it to.

Stay away from labels.

In the end it doesn’t matter who says you are “the best” it matters that you know you did your best. It isn’t an award that makes you powerful. And “getting what you want” isn’t the end game.

Labels are tricky because if you have to be better than everyone, that’s a lot of force introduced into the equation of life. It’s really hard to align with high energy and feel really inspired and manifest life crazy when you’re driven to be better than him or her rather than to be creative, open and aligned with the greatness in your dreams.

Trading ” I want to be the best” for “I want to have the greatest positive impact” is a switch I felt deeply. I was no longer a loner looking to beat everyone. I wasn’t competing with anyone but my own capacity to give and have an effect.

This alone is magic for your manifesting.

Stay in beauty.

When in doubt, get lost in art. Observe beautiful things around you. Look at the moon and stars. Beautify your home. Dress up. Tap into more creativity in this easy way.

Art and aesthetics are a high frequency of communication. Beauty goes a long way in creating the alignment that brings you closer to your dreams.

All of this, of course, is in the service of creating more alignment. Tuning into your true voice. Communicating from your heart. Becoming deeply rooted in your days. Seeing how that creative dance through life is intuitive and feels softer, easier and more full of possibility.

If you’re struggling to manifest… you may find that softness and simplicity is transformational.

Align with your dreams. You’ll see the magic it brings to every day!



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