Feng Shui To Create All The Best Outcomes!

Sep 4, 2018 | Creativity

Today, let’s talk about setting up a space in life where more of the great things happen every day.

Outcomes are not 100% in our control, but we do influence outcomes tremendously in our thoughts, words and actions. Intention is powerful. Energy is powerful. And… action is incredibly powerful.

There are all kinds of ways to set up a space and a life that is tuned like a tuning fork to the best outcomes.

Don’t deny your negativity.

I know, I know… you have to be super positive in order to “manifest” things. But that’s a weird idea when you are anxious, scared, angry, confused or overwhelmed to deny it. It won’t go away because you deny it. It never has for me. Instead it’s driven me to act impulsively, explode in tears or otherwise tank many many days that I has a smile my face and felt sinking inside. You can’t fake it.

There is this great quote I’m paraphrasing from Ester Hicks- The universe doesn’t hear what you’re saying, it hears what you’re meaning.  

You can’t fake it. Energy doesn’t lie and it’s not the end of the world to be angry, anxious, upset, skeptical or anything else. It is a sort of “no manifestation zone” though if you choose to downward spiral, judge yourself for having negative feelings or punish yourself for to having high vibes.

Be 100% forthright about how you feel. Own it. Work through it. See where it’s pointing to a need for a change, a more daring leap or more editing in your life. Maybe you’ve outgrown some things. Maybe it’s time for more commitment. Maybe… but you won’t know until you let it out.

Start making space.

If you have no idea how to positively influence an outcome, clean your desk off. Clear your purse. Clean your house. Space is really vital for growth.

If you find yourself overthinking or worrying, turn on loud music to drown out that voice of “what is going to happen…?!” and start cleaning until you feel lifted up!

Focus on what you really want— not something abstract and/or stressful.

Really, what do you really want?

I used to pick arbitrary things that I wanted because they sounded appropriate. A certain dollar amount. A certain relationship. A certain achievement at a certain time.

None of what I was chasing after was bad, but I was “chasing after” it instead of “creating it” because I was so disconnected from my stressful and “seemingly appropriate” goals. They had nothing to do with what I wanted, what thrilled me, what opened my heart or fulfilled a dream: nothing at all.

They were far from me so I had to “run after” them.

What’s for you is stuff that won’t have to chase. Instead, you’ll be creating. You may be hustling, working like crazy and throwing 2000% into it… but it’s very different when you want something so badly that it feels like it’s a part of you.

That stuff is art. You won’t burn out. You won’t suffer for it, even if you hive it 2000%. It’s life on fire in the best of all ways.

Keep the energy in a constant and awesome flow…!

If you’re not sure what to do with all your feelings and energy and all the dynamics of change around you… always keep it all moving. Stagnation doesn’t solve problems; it exacerbates them. Keep the energy flowing around you. Keep the widows open. Keep the clutter cleared.

Leave it all in the room or on the page. Or… anywhere else it should go. Just, don’t hold back. 

The best outcomes are always the wonderful ones you can walk away from saying you were all in.  All in. 100%. No holding back. You said it all. You cried every tear you may have had to cry. You didn’t flick to express all your emotions. You were all there. You said, did and gave it all you’ve got.

There’s still no way to know that everything is going to go exactly as planned.

But, with your intention, your vision, your energy and action behind all that supports you, things may turn out way better than you’d planned.



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