Your Home Can Be Your Secret To Success!

Sep 5, 2018 | Creativity

If you need motivation, focus, clarity, peace or more energy… your home can help you tremendously!

your home can be your superpower


My home is my best life coach. It holds me accountable.

Right now I’m looking at the bag for a hard drive I haven’t learned to format yet for my computer. So, it sits, staring me in the face on my otherwise clear desk. Well, not completely clear. There’s also a pile of notes that have not been organized, and a calendar that isn’t updated.

In one fell swoop I see exactly what I have been putting off, exactly what’s on my list to sort, to do and to complete today that’s been lingering in an odd way. Also, wow that I have been writing so much in preparation for big things to come (*Stay Tuned: later this month I will announce) that I haven’t cleaned the glossy desktop in more than a week. Instead, I see faint smudges and fingerprints and its 100% gone today as the speed picks up around me.

That’s just a small snapshot of how very clearly your environment can speak to you.

If the dishes pile up… why does it happen?

If the bed doesn’t get made… what was so urgent instead?

These are the cues that are not meant as an opening to self-criticism— you aren’t bad or wrong to have a room turn upside down or a garage fill up with clutter or anything else.

But, these reminders from your home are a great way to see where you can shift in your life.

Getting to bed earlier so you can get ready for the day feeling grounded and empowered ( with a bed that’s made!) is a huge shift that can steer your life in a new direction.

Organizing the chores in your family so that the dishes don’t fall on you to do, exclusively and maybe begrudgingly, can be a positive shift for the whole family.

It’s never the dust, dirt, dishes or mess that is the issue. That’s all the symptom. It’s what manifests on the surface.

Beneath it, though, is something bigger that can help steer you toward more success.

Whether it’s skills you need to learn, resentments that have built up, overwhelm, upset, resignation, exhaustion…

Something is wanting to change when a mess doesn’t resolve itself.

Listen to what your home is showing you.

That mess is a big opportunity. That obstacle holds the potential for a breakthrough.

Even the simplest housecleaning can be big transformation.



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