Sometimes All That’s Missing Is Your Belief In Yourself!

Sep 10, 2018 | Creativity

I spent the larger part of this year focused personally and professionally, spiritually and physically on tuning into a bigger vision, taking bigger inspired actions and getting rooted in more love.

It started with a realization that was like a lightening bolt:

The energy behind what I do is way more important than what I do. 

That energy isn’t created by sage wands and crystals and high vibe tools and rainbow colors. It’s supported by all of those things, and amplified by all of those things.

That energy is created by one thing: believing in myself.

Believe in yourself and you’ll create what might be the missing link connecting you to more of your dreams.

It sounds cliché to many, I know.  I flash back to a lot of pep talks I’ve gotten over the years that didn’t land on me.  It seems abstract.

I thought I already did believe in myself because I spent a lot of time complaining about all the things I “deserved” that were not happening for me.

I was deserving! I was ready! I was showing up!

But: I was showing up angry, frustrated, focused on what I did not have and very much on the lookout for what I could fix in myself so I could be more competitive.

This is not the kind of self-belief I’m talking about!

This is really everything.

Some people can do seemingly everything. They deeply believe they can, or that they can figure it out or that they are worthy of taking a risk.

If you are holding yourself back, eyeing competition, writhing in frustration or anything else… more real belief in yourself is epic transformation.

It generates a massive amount of constant energy, not just an ah-ha moment or two…

It is something steady and grounding…

It also creates an awareness that you are the one in charge of steering the ship of your life, and you can assume more creative control of that journey.

I’m not without Impostor Syndrome.  Especially as my work has become more and more public. I am not without freak outs.  And, I’m not so 100% in mastery of this that I can tell you I have the secrets of the universe.

I am, though, way better at this than I was even a year ago…. or even a few months ago…!

A few things I have noticed that have helped me move out of righteous indignation, self-blame, competition and even self-bashing, creative blocks and endless waiting for life to begin and into a much more creative, intentional and actually successful life on my own terms–

It’s OK to know that you’re talented.  If I hire someone to reupholster a couch (as I am now!) or to sell me a new car- or anything else-  I actually find reassurance in the fact that they can state very clearly that they are talented and the product that they have is excellent.  You can feel it when it’s real and not a “sales pitch.” It’s why I choose some places over others. Small shops, really talented artisans… There is a feeling of pride and belief that is love.

If you’re really good at what you do, OWN IT.

You don’t have to “know-it-all” to believe in yourself.  In fact, the more confident I have become in my own talents and worthiness over the years, the more comfortable I am in knowing (and saying) what I don’t know.

The vibes don’t lie.  I have spent years “supposedly confidently” running around Los Angeles saying and doing the things that successful people supposedly do and no one bought it.  You know when someone is sort of talk-talk-talk.  You know what you feel.  You know when it’s real.

And, you can’t B.S. the Universe. 

For all the time I thought I could “fake it”, for all the time I thought I could talk a good game of positivity, for all the time I made idle promises to myself and refused to look at the dark side of myself ( we all have one!) to be able to heal it… I just floundered.  You can’t “trick” the Universe.  It doesn’t work that way, at least not for me.

It’s worth doing the work to feel and heal the pain the past, even though it’s not rainbow/unicorn joy-filled stuff.  It’s the big stuff.  

It’s worth doing the self-reflection, and not turning it into self-bashing. 

It’s worth doing the risk-taking, even if you have no idea where it will go.

It’s worth doing what it takes to live with more love for everyone, feel grounded in your mission or your talents or your love of life itself and to… keep… on… growing.

Believing in yourself isn’t a catch-phrase when it’s real.

It’s an active process.  You do things that express love for you, you do things that express love for others, you grow in the process, and you expand your ability to do and love and create even more.

That genuine belief and love for yourself is a constant power source.

You really can do anything.



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