Feng Shui To Get Back On Your Most Powerful Path!

Sep 17, 2018 | Creativity

We all lose our way sometimes.

Most of the time, the path isn’t a straight one to get from where we are to where we next want to be. And, after a long time of things are falling in place and feeling great… the path can take a turn and we don’t immediately turn with it.

When something that was once so right suddenly feels wrong, it’s tempting to think a lot about what that means.

Is my (relationship, business, job, creative life, project, or anything else) over?

Have I done something wrong?

I’m a failure, I’m failing, I’m confused, I’m overwhelmed…

Why is this happening?!

I have said and done all of the above and much more. Maybe you have, too.

Sitting in a space where things feel off track and not knowing where to begin to get things set straight again, there are many Feng Shui ways to re-align that may require little thinking and lots of feeling great. In times of crossroads and confusion, they’ve always helped me get back on the powerful path. 

My friend was greeted with this epic rainbow after spending hours immersed in connecting with a passion and a purpose. Hours sifting, reading, studying, organizing… getting recalibrated… and then, this! If that isn’t instant feedback from the universe, I don’t know what is!?!

Looking back at the last few years, I’ve had many times where the I was on a path that ceased to be “the path.”

As my wise friend in New Jersey said,” It was once your path but now it’s just not fun for you. Either you need a new path or you have to do something bigger with this one.”

This applies to just about all of life. The words hit me like a lightning bolt.

It was time to expand the path or find a new one.

If something isn’t flowing or feels like it’s gone sideways, you may want to make a big move.

Do you have a bigger goal to set, a wilder dream to put in front of you on this path you are on?

If you aren’t feeling thrilled about the finish line, it’s just not that thrilling.

I’m not motivated by, say, fancy cars: I could care less. So if that was my reward, I wouldn’t really summon all my genius, heart and soul to make it happen. You may not motivated by competition that once seemed motivating. You may not be thrilled about the prospect any more of a promotion in a job you just don’t like.

If you can find a way to create excitement where you are… make that big move.

If the thrill has worn off, you may want to look ahead to what actually IS that motivating and let that vision guide you to the next steps in your journey.

Don’t hustle, align.

If you’re hustling in an inspired space of joy, that’s fine. But, typically the hustle is a mad grind.

Aligning is most powerful.

Relax more. Stop forcing things. And, if you have a habit of treating your body like a machine that runs of little sleep and lots of whatever keeps you awake…sleep more and find the power in your restored energy. This is glow-making and life-changing.

Trade thinking for feeling. 

There’s a saying in 12-Step programs, “Your best thinking got you here.”

If “here” is not where you want to be, feeling things out more can spark a revolution.

In my way of Feng Shui, I lean into breakthrough-making creative energy.

It’s how I solve things without thinking too much.

If you’re too worked up or upset or confused about a situation and the idea of “getting a read of your feeling on it” isn’t possible, try a creative practice. Paint, sew, doodle, color, garden, dance, write, knit, design… any form of creative expression that tunes you into a “zone” of making is awesome. Even a bit of this can help me feel into my own energy more and make more centered and “right feeling” decisions!

Keep your own counsel. 

Outside influence (even the most well-meaning) can mess with your intuition and it can also squash creative dreams before they even remotely begin.

Sure, you may have amazing confidantes. But, get yourself clear on your ideas and process before you even start talking about it.

I have gotten even more confused by brainstorming before I was ready… so I highly recommend sitting with your plans and ideas before making them public at all, unless you need outside help to get them planned. And, even then, keep the circle very small to consolidate your power until you’re ready to bring it to the wider world. .

Make space.

Clear clutter, clean house, make space in your mind…

We need room to flourish.

An organized desk, purse or wallet can get the energy flowing far more smoothly.

More clear space means more clarity. I also means more opportunity, inspiration, flexibility and room to grow.

Embrace that open space. Gather up your magic again. Hitch your dreams to a bigger star. And, feel your way to the next right steps.

You may temporarily stray from your path, but getting back on it can be a breakthrough it itself.



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