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Sep 26, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

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If you want to become more productive, it’s one thing to simply focus on getting a lot done. It’s another thing completely to get a lot done and feel grounded, calm and absolutely brilliant in the process.

Getting a lot done by rush, by force, by stress—it’s common.  It happens to the lot of us and it always reminds me, “haste makes waste.”

It’s often a waste of time to barrel through a process… but, if it must get done, what is the alternative?

If you want to become more productive while staying in your most brilliant and excited mindset, feeling the rush of creative electricity running through you, we are on the same page.  This is the zone of brilliance I strive for, especially in those times when having ten extra hours a day would be welcome!

Today, let’s look at some energy shifts that can help you to become more productive without creating burnout and/or rushing through things to create products you aren’t pleased with.

Pour yourself into the creative process and soar…!

The Feng Shui of all productivity and creativity centers on this idea: FLOW versus BLOCKS. Energy should ultimately flow freely. When it’s impeded, things stop.

Money stops. Opportunities stop. Creativity slows down. Focus is dispersed everywhere into confusion. Wellbeing turns to aches and paints and exhaustion.

Energy flowing freely is the optimal condition.

It’s optimal in your home and in your life.

You know this. I know this.

But then… why do we get blocked?

I don’t know about you, but when I am piled up with things to do, when I’m under wild deadlines, when I have so much happening at once…

If I try to fight it all and/or ignore what’s happening, ultimately stress explodes. Everything gets blocked everywhere. I’m exhausted, upset, frantic and disconnected from whats in front of me. I’m very far from summoning my genius.

I don’t have the luxury of letting this be my way of operating any more. Ten years ago, these overloads would happen and tip me over the edge into a black hole of stress. It was really hard to move forward when I was always in “recovery” after a long period of productivity.

I started leaning into the creative process much more because at one point I had impossible deadlines and nothing I could push… so, hey, as I was about to admit defeat and quit a few projects I let go of a lot of the drama I was creating by resisting things and taking on everything as a big mountain instead of a big gift.

And the energy stayed flowing freely.

The more I have to do, the more I pour myself into the flow if it all.

Here are a few key ideas that can help you keep the energy flowing when you need to get so much done and feel that you’re in a race against time.

Slow down and meditate if you can. 

A little meditation break is big power for your days. Mental decluttering can never be underestimated.

Take breaks to clean. 

Cleaning house keeps the energy blocks at bay. Get rid of the pile of dishes, the dusty desktop, the basket of laundry…

You don’t have to clean your whole house to experience the bursts of energy that come from some cleaning.

Cleaning is also physical and repetitive, so it’s similar to an active meditation that can calm your mind and release frenetic energy at the same time!

Let yourself sigh deeply out loud when you feel pressure building up. 

It creates physical relaxation response to really sigh deeply! Deep breath in… then “ahhhhhhhh!!!” sigh it out!

Make lists. And, more lists.

What’s swirling in your head can create more confusion and panic, less focus and far less creativity. Big lists are a way to dump it all out of your head and onto a page.

Pile on the Sensory Magic.

My life is a rainbow spectrum of aromatherapy, color, crystals, space clearing ( sage, incense, etc!) and so much more to stay enveloped in only the highest vibes.

Keep on rewarding yourself. 

When I finish a project this week, I get to finish my living room redesign!!! The project is huge, so the reward is also a good one!

You don’t have to buy huge things to reward yourself, but if the stakes are high, a good reward is a motivator.

Often a bath is my reward. Or a party. Or a DIY spa night or a TV moment. A day off. Sleeping in.

And if you feel negativity coming on… listen to how it can help you to make a shift instead of denying it. 

Negative voices and self-criticism are not something I can entertain for a long time, but I do listen. The doubt shows me where I can learn or grow. I may need to look at a certain aspect of something more closely.I may need to trust myself more. I may need to edit.

Then, once I feel like I’ve handled whatever it is, the negativity is gone.

It’s led me to re-edit, re-write, to say NO when I first said YES, to start over, to change things…

It’s all valuable, even if it’s not all positive.

But once you get the lesson, it’s time to move on to more joy!!!

Pour yourself into your brilliance. Trust that you can handle everything you’ve been given. And, enjoy every second of it!



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