Fresh Perspective Can Be Life-Changing!

Oct 2, 2018 | Creativity

I saw a story printed today. It was open-ended and inconclusive.  I was wondering about it.

Then I saw two vast perspectives on the same story.

Suddenly, there were many ways to view the same situation, and none were “wrong.”

That said, having new perspective opens life up to new ways, new solutions and deeper empathy.  It is less polarizing.  It’s often far less dramatic.  And, it’s often incredibly revealing.

I get a lot from the perspective of wise elders and little kids.  Both, in my life, have proven to be far less caught up in achievements that didn’t matter, far more full of great ideas and very candid.

This kind of fresh look at things echoes why I love feng shui so much.

One of the things that is immensely exciting to me about feng shui is that when you shift your environment, it can give you fresh perspective.

Clutter– instead of being dreaded and loaded with negative emotion— becomes a pathway to more growth.

Confusing room layouts can give way to a whole new openness with small shifts or a reconfiguration of what is there already.

Energy blocks become energetic lessons that help to focus and create so much more.

Obstacles become a path to a new living room, a new bedroom or a new home.  Often, obstacles become a path to a whole new way to look at life.

It can be healing to look at life from a fresh perspective.  It can also be the breakthrough you’ve been wanting.

Where can you benefit from fresh perspective? 

For me: wherever I am stuck, this where I have much to gain from a new way of looking at things.

When I’m stuck in creativity… I go out or talk to friends who see life vastly differently.

When I can’t get past a certain obstacle… I look for a new way to view the obstacle.

When I am avoiding a part of my life… I now reach out to friends, mentors, coaches … or I reach for my journal.  I try to look into it instead of looking away.

When I find myself complaining… I know I’m teetering on the edge of a downward spiral if I don’t get fresh perspective.

This is my big red flag that change is needed:


A while back— but not too long ago to remember it quite viscerally, I heard myself saying breathlessly that I was so busy working that I could barely breathe.  “How busy I was” got infused into every day.  It was building up as a theme, or, better said, it was this black cloud building over me.  I could barely check emails, I didn’t take care of myself and started to get into a pattern I recognize as an unwelcome and unhealthy one.

Sleep deprived.  No vitamins.  No exercise.  No sunshine.  No friends or fun.

None of this was necessary, but the way I was viewing the work in front of me, it became part of a theme: Too busy, too much work, no time for anything…

I was complaining about how busy I was endlessly.

But, this work I do is a dream come true and not the thing to complain about and turn into an issue!

A wise friend said: “Shouldn’t you be happy that you’re so busy?”


Another reminder: “Isn’t it time you got the message that you need more help?”


And then: “Maybe it’s time to reorganize?”

It was.  It really was!

Thank you Wayne Dyer for this incredible wisdom on perspective!

Perspective opened doors to a new way of working. Now, I’m not crushed by being “busy” even though I often do three times more than I once did when I was frantic and complaining.  It’s all easier now because I let in some new perspective and let go of a fixed way of seeing what was in front of me.

I dared to do what I was reluctant to do:

I saw things with fresh eyes and realized how much I could shift things for the better.

I found spaces in my home to reorganize, and that new organization helped me to move through the day with greater ease.

I found ways to reorganize my schedule so that I wasn’t waking up already behind before the day started. I overloaded myself less and did much more that mattered with my energy much more focused. 

I got more help with things I needed help with. And, I helped myself more with sleep, baths, time off, art…food… walks. 

Stunning changes came from fresh perspective.

And, they still do.  All the time.

Look at things the same way and they don’t change and perhaps can’t change.

Look with fresh eyes and you may find so many other life-changing possibilities.



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