How Feng Shui Can Help You To Create Life-Changing Clarity!

Oct 7, 2018 | Sensory Goodness

“I don’t know…”

It’s the refrain that is so fluid I have found myself saying it unconsciously.

Have you?

Sure it’s fine to not know what you want for breakfast, what you want to wear, what you are in the mood to watch. That may take a beat to contemplate.

But what is more the point here is that I’ve asked thousands of people: “What do you want?” where it pertains to goals, mission, bigger desires, getting unstuck where things have been stuck for a long time… and the answer is… after a long pause… “I don’t know…”

I’ve also asked myself this about things that I presumed that I just knew I would know when I saw it.

“I’ll know it when I see it,” was my default mode when I didn’t know what I wanted.

I would think I saw it— whether a relationship, an opportunity, a sofa, an investment or anything else— but I wouldn’t act on it because I really didn’t know. When I moved on fear, afraid of missing out, I would invariably do something that went against my own best judgement.

Instinct and intuition are more murky for me when I really don’t know what I’m looking for.

Maybe you’ve seen the same?

When I’ve gone deeper I’ve come to see that clarity— really sharp, really sound, really exciting clarity— is like a tuning fork. It’s extremely magnetic. It’s incredibly motivating. It sets things in motion. It makes YES and NO incredibly easy to say. And, it helps to direct energy where it’s wanted most.

Clarity is magic for manifestation.

Feng shui in my way has helped me to gain lots of clarity where I just didn’t know what I was after… and your own environment can help you to gain that kind of life-changing clarity, too!


Meditative space help you to see things with mental clarity.

This is one of the primary things that lots of homes lack: meditative space.

Room to kick back, take deep breaths, relax, enjoy. A sort to get grounded, to let go of the energies of the outside world that are not needed, a place to be still and soft.

For most people this may be a bedroom, at best!

I highly recommend making a place that is intentionally appointed as a meditative zone. Whether it’s a sofa, a chair, a spot on the floor with pillows… all these intentional spaces are incredible for slowing down and zoning out. Once you create it, you’ll be reminded to use it every time you see it!

Clear desktops and counters create more space to move and create.

With less to bombard you visually and take up practical workspace, you can have more real space to grow!

When the air is clear of heavy, stuck or stressed energies, we can experience more creative flow.

This is one of the things you can feel in space that you likely can’t see: the vibes in the air.

You feel them. Even in gorgeous spaces where it would make sense to feel inspired, you can feel a chill, a strange energy, a drag or a drain.

Trust those feelings!

We all feel good vibes and bad vibes but it’s not commonplace yet to equate all of this with the environment, especially when the environment looks particularly beautiful, but it’s very real.

When you see where things have been stuck, it puts you on the road to big change-making.

When you come across clutter, bad vibe feelings, unfinished home repairs, unfinished projects… it can clue you in to ways that not just your home but also your life may be stuck at the moment.

Clearing all of this stuff can be the most immense and simple way to grow!

As you add more intention to your home, you can see the details you don’t know… and you can fill them in as you go.

The more specific your intentions are, the easier they are to execute and manifest.

Having a very vague sense of Intention is like sitting down to write a book with a vague idea of what you’re writing. If you have no semblance of the plot or even the topic you’re going to have an interesting (difficult?) time diving into the first chapter and establishing characters. Granted, you don’t need to know every nuance before you begin to write, but it’s very hard to bring something to life in detail and layers of richness when you are not sure what it is.

In a home, the specifics of Intention are equally vital.

Intention moves design forward. It also moves life forward. It shapes space and time. It creates an impact even before you take a big action.

(I have a very big announcement that is coming soon all about this incredibly transformational process, so please stay tuned!!!)

Now, for your purposes, see just how much your office looks and feels like a place to do what you need to do.

See how well your kitchen helps you to cook.

Notice how much your organization in the bathroom serves your beauty/grooming routines.

It’s an easy way to see how much your space is specifically serving you and inspired you in ways of how you can adjust it!!!

Your home won’t write out that business plan, write the goals, make the list of details… but your home can put you in the frame of mind that makes all of the above roll in your life in an endless stream of momentum.

You can start simply by letting go of stress in your days, repairing something broken, cleaning your house or anything that makes you feel better in your space.

Then, you can dive into more specifics by refining, tuning and polishing your home brilliantly.

As you change, your space can change gradually with you, evolving and elevating and supporting you every step of the way.

Welcome to more of the magic of my methods of Feng Shui!

Make some bright, brilliant, thrilling wishes!!!



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